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Dabei ist anzumerken, dass ich selektiv untersuchen und nur Besonderheiten hervorheben werde. Den Handlungsablauf setze ich als bekannt voraus. Ein somatisch orientierter Ansatz. Eine Geschichte der Medienkunst, Sprache: Sie erschufen sich sogar eigene Kunstrichtung, wie Fotokunst, Filmkunst, Videokunst oder allgemein gesagt Medienkunst.

English Language and Literature Studies - Literature. Clowns and mimes have been accompanying theatrical work since the ancient world and they have not lost their comic effect until today.

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Nevertheless have clowns and mimes affected each other and are consequently still closely connected. Marcel Marceau has put it in a nutshell:. With these mimes and others [clowns], we enter the temple of the Theatre of the Marvelous, where mime reveals Eternal and Ephemeral Humanity in its most secret and profound aspirations.

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Mime throws full light on man alone in an instant of truth, torn among space, silence, and time in an attempt to capture love, life, and beauty before the supreme moment of death. The mime is also one who, after giving brilliance and significance to attitude and action, throws out the inner cry of the soul. It is the mime in this dark world who, having sewn up his mouth and torn out his tongue, has received in exchange the grace of silence; that is why the mime will remain the true witness of the human condition.

Even when Beckett has never admitted explicitly that his clown-like characters were intended his plays do, however, show a considerable influence of comic elements. These clownish and mimetic elements shall be examplified in this term paper.

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Hence I like to give a short view over the history and characteristics of mimes and clowns and will then try to embed the results into the plays mentioned above. But first of all it is advisable to take a brief look at the origin of the clown which lies within the beginning of the Greek and Roman mime and is presented over the course of the following two chapters. Saltation, from saltare to leap , which combined mime, dance, music, poetry, and dramatic art. Mime, a play with a spoken text accompanied by gestures.

Popular mimes were destined to be performed, while literary mimes were recited or read. Pantomime, especially known in Magna Graecia and more popular in Roman.

In the Middle Ages the mime tradition fused with Christian chivalry and put religious plays and church drama back on the map, thanks to such mime performances like Beowulf. Their performances took place in churches and at monasteries under the stern surveillance of the clergy who ensured the correctness of the biblical stories illustrated. Masked Italian street mimes performed brief and homespun action full of acrobatic scenes with burlesque stage business.

This separation entailed mime school foundations during the mid-twentieth century. Great mimetic masters - like Etienne Decroux, Marcel Marceau, Jacques Lecoq and Jean-Louis Barrault, just to mention the most prominent ones - built up their own schools, predominantly in Paris. These so-called French-school pantomimes have built up a reputation by strictly negotiating verbal communication on stage.

The specialization of the mimes during the mid-twentieth century also had an impact on theatre or better antitheatre which challenged verbal communication. Influenced by the famous silent-actors Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton, playwrights like Beckett picked up the idea of silence and incorporated it in plays or movies like Breath, Film and Happy Days.

Death and the End of Time in Beckett's Endgame and Ionesco's Exit the King

In Happy Days, Winnie, to fill a dreaded, empty silence, ceaselessly speaks to Willie, who, for the most part, remains mute and immobile. Free Publication of your term paper, essay, interpretation, bachelor's thesis, master's thesis, dissertation or textbook - upload now! Register or log in. Our newsletter keeps you up to date with all new papers in your subjects.

Request a new password via email. Table of Content Introduction 1. Life at its final stage 2.

A play signifying nothing? Beckett 53 Introduction Endgame Fin de Partie and Exit the King Le Roi se Meurt - two plays about fallen kings trapped at the end of time and unable to give meaning to existence. Life at its final stage One of the main metaphors of the two one act plays is that of life coming to an end and the material world vanishing. This notion of a ruined world reflects the postmodern hopelessness after the catastrophe of the Holocaust: And there is no hope that any change will ever be possible: Have you not had enough? All life long the same questions, the same answers.

The metaphor of life that Beckett creates is one of ultimate cruelty, of human beings deprived of meaning and confined to the mere nature of existence: Nature has forgotten us. But we breathe, we change! We lose our hair, our teeth! Ionesco 24 Indeed the whole play evolves around the fact that life in its nature is limited to a few moments as opposed to eternity.

As Gaensbauer suggests Exit the King can also be read as a satire on the postmodern western world: The continuation of 'Waitin Funktion der Bonnes bzw.