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If you are located outside the U. Four days later, the B assigned to the search-and-rescue mission became lost in a blinding storm and also crashed. Miraculously, all nine men on board survived, and the US military launched a daring rescue operation. But after picking up one man, the Grumman Duck amphibious plane flew into a severe storm and vanished.

Frozen in Time tells the story of these crashes and the fate of the survivors, bringing vividly to life their battle to endure days of the brutal Arctic winter, until an expedition headed by famed Arctic explorer Bernt Balchen brought them to safety. Mitchell Zuckoff takes the reader deep into the most hostile environment on earth, through hurricane-force winds, vicious blizzards, and subzero temperatures. A breathtaking blend of mystery and adventure Mitchell Zuckoff's Frozen in Time: Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

Edit Cast Credited cast: Grandpa voice Drake Bell Brody voice Colin Murdock Santa voice Valin Shinyei Eric Purtle voice Mira Sorvino I tell you this, there was never a dull moment. This is one crazy adventure story and I can think of a few kids that would enjoy it. Admittedly, it's written for younger readers, and that's obvious. The prose is a bit clunky, the characters are sweet enough, but not super deep, and the ending is all a bit too tidy. Still, it's the sort of story I think many middle-graders would enjoy reading.

It's got some science-fiction aspects, some feminism, and lots of excitement.

Frozen in Time

Nov 06, Elisa rated it it was amazing. I like this book because it is very mysterious. It's about these siblings named Ben and Rachel who unearth 2 other siblings named Freddy and Polly and have been frozen for more than 50 years. Freddy and Polly's father Professor Emerson, has also vanished.

May 13, Fairlita rated it liked it Recommends it for: I just got it today! It's supposed to arrive tomorrow. Tonite, will start reading and can't wait for it as I've read some good reviews on it. I decided to postpone reading this as I've received some more new books.

Not because I find this book uninteresting. On the contrary, I'm saving the best for last. Finished this book after restarting it yesterday. On the whole, I can imagine why it won the Blue Peter Award. The little tomboyish girl in me en The little tomboyish girl in me enjoys this book immensely. It brought me back Enid Blyton's stories, my favorite back then in my pre-teen age. Apr 19, Sandra Gerrits rated it it was amazing.

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This book was every bit as good as I hoped it would be. It was a good thing I couldn't read as much as I normally do so I could savour it a while longer. It is a fast-paced. Of course a storyline that involves frozen children who are woken up odd years later can make for a rivetting plot. Definitely a good read and highly recommended.

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Sep 14, Camilla Chester rated it it was amazing. Funny, tight plot with no holes whatsoever; neatly tied up ending; hilarious characters who are brave, witty and quick thinking; great, fast pace but with plenty of breathers; cracking use of detail; hint of the sinister behind the scenes; action-packed and exciting! Just joyful from start to finish. Really hope it gets made into a film I hope Ali Sparkes had as much fun writing this as I did writing my third book, Thirteenth Wish, which has Pip, a similar ch Flawless writing.

I hope Ali Sparkes had as much fun writing this as I did writing my third book, Thirteenth Wish, which has Pip, a similar character to Freddy. This book just leapt out at me full of energy and joy. Favourite character - Polly, with her amazingly strong kirby grips from Mar 03, Debarun Saha rated it it was amazing. It is a wonderful journey with teenagers. It was so beautifuly thrilling that I could feel the shiver sometime inside me. It felt like it is motion picture in mind which was greatly enjoyable. Brother sister relationships, tensions all were there.

It was really better than watching scifi movies. Nov 30, Clare Butler rated it liked it. I think the whole of cryptic suspension is fascinating and it was a great premise for a book. I felt there was another storyline here that wasn't developed as much as it should have been and that was a shame. Jun 04, Nona rated it really liked it.

Frozen in Time: An Epic Story of Survival and a Modern Quest for Lost Heroes of World War II

Preferably four and a half. Feb 04, Ann Binu rated it it was amazing.

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This book was really cool!!! I would recommend it to all teens. Dec 28, Daksha rated it it was amazing. This book was recommended by a friend and I absolutely loved this children's book. Jul 22, Mustafa rated it really liked it. It was a good read. Jan 14, 15paule rated it really liked it.

Another good book from Ali Sparkes! Dec 05, Atul Krishna rated it really liked it. An extremely interesting book making the science flexible Jul 02, Mia rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is just as I remember it. It is full of suspense and tension, whilst being a light and fun read.

It was really interesting seeing how Polly and Freddy reacted to all the modern day things that they'd never seen before. It was also funny that even though this book is set in there are already some things that have become out-of-date in the 8 years that have passed since it was released.

Frozen in Time | Freeze driers & cold traps for Industrial and Laboratory use

Something made my heart swell was that Rachel kept on pointing out the sexist comments Polly and Freddy made, but that Freddy also pointed out that if Polly enjoys doing house work she should be allowed to do it. It was such a positive way to show young people how feminism works. Ali Sparkes has such a creative way of making you fall in love with all her characters in such a short amount of time, and I'll definitely be reading more of her books!

Oct 17, Theresa Squire rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oct 06, Caren rated it really liked it Shelves: Even though this book has sci-fi elements, it is an old-fashioned story in the best sense. The kids are left to solve their problems mostly on their own, without grown-up interference reminding me of books by Edward Eager, and of those by Enid Blyton, whom the author references in the book's dedication.

They began g Even though this book has sci-fi elements, it is an old-fashioned story in the best sense. They began giving book awards in The books are chosen by children, so these are books kids will really enjoy. The story begins with two British children living in a big old house outside of town.

Because their parents who give magic shows on cruise ships are often on the road,the children are left in the care of their uncle, a distracted scientist who spends the majority of his time in his attic laboratory. One afternoon, with their TV on the blink, after hours of rain, they take advantage of a clearing sky to grab their "wellies" and strike out into their overgrown yard and woods.

In the woods, they happen upon a metal wheel in the ground. They dig down and uncover a domed "lid" of sorts. With great effort, they turn the wheel, causing the lid to slide open, revealing a ladder leading down into an underground shelter. As they explore the subterranean rooms one by one, they come upon two cylinders and are startled to see there are two children, apparently asleep, in them. When they release the children, they discover the two had been in cryonic suspension since The story involves the race to discover what has happened to the father of the two newly awakened children, who are apaprently 12 and 13 years old, but are actually the great-uncle and aunt of the modern children.

Lots of fun comparisons between life in and modern-day Britian enliven the plot. When the children disappeared in , their father was suspected of murder, but he had disappeared as well. He was a genius scientist perfecting cryonic suspension and had worked to overcome the negative effects of the process. Now the story shifts from sci-fi to mystery and spy thriller. The children go to the library to look at old newspaper stories about the "murder" for clues.

They enlist the help of the librarian, who turns out to be a double agent. For me, one of the best lines in the book comes from the librarian as she attempts to inject a hypodermic needle filled with a sedative into one of the children. But hey, the rip-roaring adventure zooms along and draws you with it. What a fun read!! Feb 21, Connor Foster-Nesbit rated it really liked it Shelves: Great plot with a hint of mystery. Mystery is always good!

It just was a little too much for me, otherwise it would've gotten a five star rating, for the excellent writing.