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Dissension (Ravnica Cycle: Book III - Magic: The Gathering Literature - Magic The Gathering

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Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Dissension by Cory J. Ravnica Cycle 3 by Cory J. Ravnica Cycle, 3 3. Dissension brings to a close the adventure and further explores the radically new and intriguing area of Magic: This novel previews the newest trading card game expansion set to be released in June. Mass Market Paperback , pages. Ravnica Cycle 3 , Magic: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Dissension , please sign up. Lists with This Book.


Jul 01, Chad rated it really liked it. If you want a real review, then read the bottom paragraph. This book was a great read as a kid. I had never read any MTG books before and was not expecting much, but this type of book really intrigued me. Almost a decade later I went on a 2 week search for this book without the knowledge of the author or title and only the cover picture of the book. It has been eight years since I've read this book and yet I find myself recalling everything that happened Even after first reading it I woul If you want a real review, then read the bottom paragraph.

Even after first reading it I would have vivid dreams for months. It was also the first time I saw a book series and not fully understanding that I was about to read a book the had two preceding it. In the Magic the Gathering series, this is the first time that the story is told in the perspective of a dead character. However, there is a strange consequence for saving the city for Kos.

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How could he choose between his duty and his freedom? It would be a very hard decision to make for anyone. If he chooses to deny his master, Kos will stay in hell and that means that he only gets to traverse the world of the underground. If he follows the orders that he receives, he will be able to roam both worlds as he pleases. Which path will he choose? Aug 25, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: I'm sure people will be wanting to read this book now that Return to Ravnica is upon is.

So here's a review that will hopefully suffice for everyone. There will be a spoiler section at the bottom for those that just want a recap of the story and what happens at the end of the Rav cycle. So the story starts off with some trouble in the Utvara region. Some nephilim, giant monsters, are rampaging and a thief is there to retrieve an item - a dragon's egg.

The last of the three is still there, and som I'm sure people will be wanting to read this book now that Return to Ravnica is upon is. The last of the three is still there, and someone has paid handsomely to obtain it. That someone is a guildmaster, and it doesn't entail good things. Kos is back as a ghost in this book, bound to Ravnica like many ghosts.

He has some unfinished business to finish, because Kos had almost destroyed the Guildpact. The book has Niv-Mizzet make an appearance, a favourite among many. And nobody would expect not to see the guild leaders of the Dissension guilds, so we've got Rakdos and Momir-Vig making debuts as well, as well as their important places and people, including Novijen and Izolda.

The story isn't half bad, but it isn't anything to write home about. The writing is average, it's not terrible or anything like that, but I mean, you don't really feel like there's anything special. I'm glad to see Herndon finish the story, and I mean, the story does indeed end off right. I'm not entirely sure what a return to Ravnica will entail, but there's definitely room. Who are they fighting? None other than Szadek. They're all essentially dead, as she goes on to say, and so she's the last Angel.

Dissension Ravnica Cycle, Book III

Their last incident almost destroyed the Guildpact, but he now is forced to kill him and end the problems associated with the "tenth" guild. Meanwhile, Capobar, a thief, has retrieved the dragon's egg for a client. It, in turn, gets taken to Momir-Vig, who intends to use it to make Novijen into a giant weapon and put everyone who has Simic enhancements under his control.

At the time Capobar retrieves the egg, Niv makes a visit, after the request of a newly appointed Master Engineer Goblin, Crix. Niv fights some Nephilim, gets mad and flees. Crix isn't sure whether he's just annoyed or whether he feared for his life, since the Nephilim seemed to give him a real fight, despite his claims otherwise.

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  4. Niv-Mizzet is said to leave "the city of Ravnica", if it matters to anyone who's interested in whether he's a Planeswalker or not. There's no guarantee about that given the context, but there's certainly room for it.

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    He also breaks off all ties to his guild members, as guildmasters generally have this ability, though again, uncertain as to whether it's because he's no longer on Rav or he's simply not interested in doing anything and they have the ability to not be felt. Rakdos is revived and he kidnaps Jarad and Fonn's son, and a bunch of chaos ensues. After the pair go and track him down, they eventually get into even more mess.

    The end result has Jarad paying his life in order to save his son. At about the same time, it turns out the Simic are working with Svogthir, the Parun of the Golgari who caused the chaos in the first book. He's also animating Savra as well. They release Project Kraj, but it is met with a rather swift end. Their goal was going to be to control everyone who had Cytoplasts and make Novijen into some giant walking destruction machine.

    It got ruined quickly by Kos. Project Kraj, however, was not destroyed quickly enough to stop it from ruining Rakdos' day. It ended up putting him into a coma, to which he was later put back into his resting place. Kos and the gang end up fighting against Szadek and capturing him. It turns out he was under Augustin's power for some time. The place where the Angels were fighting, it's now part of Rav and it's about to explode.