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Whoever has not gone through that experience of having hot-waxy substance being applied on the hairy body-part followed by the tingy pull with the hair coming out from its root will not understand what this guy went through to make a love statement. Who says gays are not sensitive lovers! What a bowling alley! If you say that life is tough, then imagine what these eastern Europeans are going through having seen what their bowling alley looks like.

Icheoku says count your blessings for all that you have and remember to. Take a critical look at this cub - she is one of the many orphaned polar bear cubs, left without a mother by the hunting activities of Senator John McCain's vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin , who kills Alaskan wildlife! Please help stop this animal killer before she starts killing us. She and Senator John McCain are too toxic for the White-house and therefore must not be allowed to get there!

They are not what the doctor ordered! Please do not vote for them! They are the George W. They are just the same! Grandpa Senator John McCain just snoozing off in his private comfortable airplane! Is he really serious about becoming president of this country or is he campaigning just to stay healthy or for the fun of it? It is an aging machine and for such a Methuselah, it is going to chew him up and spit him out finished!

Grandpa must be meditating about life in a senior home but the idea must be very uncomfortable for him since Cindy still looks very sexy! A popular aphorism has it that "when you are that beautiful you don't have to know anything" and Sarah Palin cannot be better explained! The Alaskan beauty queen wanna-be, Sarah Palin is a good-looking damsel and Tod Palin must be one lucky dude to have won her heart!

Every virile straight man will be swooning over at an opportunity to spend even a minute of some quiet time with this God's masterpiece - a creature of no mean beauty. Sarah Palin is a beautiful woman so says Icheoku! But this election is not a beauty contest or for the best looking or most photogenic individual in America who you will most likely prefer to go to that dinner-date or cocktail with; no, it is an election of the president and vice president of the United States of America!

The most powerful office in the land and peradventure the entire world, requires a man or woman of stature, repute, character and resolute; - a man or woman who will be called upon at every given time to make decisions of life and death, of economic and welfare and a variety of other populist's policies both here in the United States and abroad.

But does the Republican nominee for the vice presidency, Sarah Palin so qualify? Icheoku says, I don't think so and for reasons previously adduced in preceding articles. Sarah Palin lacks real knowledge of what obtains in the lower forty-eight since Alaska is so far away removed from the mainland that they feel and act independent unto themselves. Sarah Palin is so out of tune that she does not even know the basic Republican Party mantra known as the Bush doctrine!

Sarah Palin does not know anything about foreign relations as evidenced by the moronic response she gave when asked about her foreign relations experience and she toned that she can see Russia from her house in Alaska, hence knowledgeable about Russia! Sarah Palin does not have any inkling about economics and she does not have a first-class education to be a great assimilator of the nitty-gritty of economic maze.

According to some sources Sarah was a truant who cut classes leading to her going through forty schools before she could graduate. Sarah Palin did not serve in the mi litary nor have any military background or working-knowledge hence can neither compliment or supplement Senator John McCain's military background. Was it just her pretty face or her genitalia? Yes, Icheoku says Sarah Palin is one such pretty face but that pretty face is not the requirement for being a president or president in the waiting. No, may be because Senator John McCain made a political calculation that since Hillary Clinton failed to secure the Democratic Party's nomination that the American women are angry and will vote for his ticket with a woman.

However what Senator John McCain failed to understand is that the American woman is not just naive and stupid. That the American woman knows what she wants. That the American woman will not just be baited to settle, just because a woman was put on a ticket. That the American woman was not flocking to Senator Hillary Clinton just because of her womanhood. No, the American woman found in Hillary Clinton a woman who is also eminently qualified and who will represent them very effectively.

The American woman found in Senator Hillary Clinton a champion of all the rights they have fought and won over the years including rights of suffrage and rights over their body. It was very demeaning of Senator John McCain to just think that any person with a female genitalia will satiate the American woman's drive for the presidency. Senator John McCain was wrong then, now and forever. A mediocre pretty-faced Alaskan beauty queen wanna-be is not that kind of Senator Hillary Clinton's woman and hence does not satisfy the craving of the American woman to make them flock to the Senator John McCain's camp.

Grandpa Senator John McCain shot himself in the foot with this misguided miscalculation of Sarah Palin and will surely loose this election decisively. Icheoku group of bloggers have already stocked the bar for that November 5th party celebrating the final exit of George Walker Bush and his alternate Senator John McCain from eight years of stranglehold on the world-stage. But to continue on this failed policies part to no where of the Republican Party through Senator John McCain, will be a gross disservice to the America people and the entire mankind in general.

It is such a foolhardy of which dimension no one could place a finger. What should be paramount is that the failed Republican Party has been effectively rejected and that the American people has unanimously denounced President George Walker Bush's failed eight years of ill advised policies! Once again, No Way! With this screaming words, Senator John McCain's vice presidential candidate, Alaskan beauty queen wanna-be Sarah 'the killer' Palin , taunts her foreign policy experience credentials. According to this small state Alaskan governor, she can see Russia standing in her house in Alaska and therefore she understands the workings of Russia as well other countries of the world and their thinking.

But what no one was courteous enough to remind this worldly vice presidential candidate is that Alaska used to be a part of then Union of Soviet Socialist Republic USSR now largely Russia and by extension, Icheoku says, she does not need to see Russia since she is technically in Russia already! How can a prospective leader of the free world be so bankrupt of information and display such unforgivable lack of knowledge that she thinks that, just the ability to sight something impacts knowledge of the thing to the percipient witness?

It is as incredible as it is incredulous! This is the much that this beauty queen's grey-matter contains and yet she want to be America's vice president, a heart beat away from the presidency more-so since the presidential candidate himself Senator John McCain is too old to be completely viable! It jumps out in incredulity when compared with the buffoonery-argument some bigots were making during the Democratic Party's primaries that because Hillary Clinton was married to the former president Bill Clinton that qualifies her to be president.

Comparatively many of us has seen an aircraft but does that qualify us as aeronautic engineers? How about looking up as star-gazers and moon-sighters, does that now make us astronauts or Armstrong the first man to land on the moon? What about your neighbor's house that is in your constant view, does that bequeath you with knowledge of the interiors or con tent thereof? The parallels are infinite but it only shows how empty-headed this bimbo from Alaska really is.

This is a gun-crazed hunter who would rather kill-off all the animals in the Alaskan wildlife, have his teenage 17 year old daughter get pregnant without being married under her watch, who encourages sex abuse but is against medical treatment of non-viable fetus. If this election is not a testament of the American peoples' mindset and how formidable their character is, then nothing else so qualifies; the result of this election will prove once and for all if the American polity is a civilized one or an ancient fickle-minded one. There is no way in hell that Senator John Sidney McCain and this beauty contestant from Alaska Sarah Palin can win this November's election except American people voted with their arse!

On the issues, they are very far in the woods; on international affairs, the Sarah Palin response showed the emptiness of this duo; then couple all the lies, apparent memory loses, double-speaks of Senator John McCain himself and you wonder what anyone who votes for this ticket will be voting for?

One answer, such a voter must be a hate-mongering racist bigot who would rather a pig is in the White-house than for a first rate intelligent energetic man of color to be there. Icheoku says, either way we shall survive but who takes the beating is the image of the American person. We are not alone in this world and the days of let the world mind their own business should be over - Americans must stand up and disavow the atrocities of George Walker Bush's eight years in office.

If it means denouncing his administration and apologising to the world community for same as not our American act and ideals, so be it and no other form of making this statement will be resounding than the election of Senator Barack Obama as president this November. But should we make the mistake of electing Senator John McCain, the world will not forgive us; neither will posterity because we will be treated as accomplice to all the atrocities of these past eight years.

Evil should not have companion of the American people. So with your vote this November, say No Way! What the world has since suspected, an insider of the campaign with a possible insider's privileged information has finally just confirmed. What should Senator John McCain now do? Were he an honorable man, he should simply throw in the towel - he can always plead old age , after-all he is as old as Methuselah! It is now left for the American voters to heed this advise by no other than a person who should know, herself an economic guru and one time CEO of Hewlett Packard and currently economic adviser to the Senator McCain's campaign.

If Carly Fiorina could bravely disclose this formerly tightly-guarded, though non-sequitur, information about Senator John McCain's "economic disability and handicap", why then should the American people play possum and sheepishly follow Senator John McCain to their economic doldrums? The present cliff-hanger put in place by George W. Bush fallacious economic policies has seen so many people in despondency already! Enough of this zombie-like following of Senator John McCain ; our future does not lie with this sick old man!

The thought of a Senator John McCain's presidency alone is nightmarish and unfathomable; and we shall have ourselves to forever blame in that event. We have been put on notice, the time is now that the final reason to reject Senator John McCain has been provided by the one and only Carly Fiorina, to shove him over the cliff! There is nothing more to add, Senator John McCain cannot even run a corporation like Hewlett Packard yet he is pretending to have the answers to American "corporation" with over five hundred of such "HP's" lumped in one.

If Senator John McCain cannot manage one 1 corporation, the odds of his managing five hundred corporations is non existent! With your vote, simply say No Way! Wedding is always a time to flash and be happy for all the endowments whether natural or silicon; this bride has proved with her dress that getting her man was a breeze. But sure, she does look good and very inviting indeed! A happy wedding and marital bliss is all that Icheoku wishes this very confident couple! The case of hand of Esau and voice of Jacob?

Which one is Senator "Double-speak Express"? These days it is very hard to distinguish since both men have morphed into one ugly political monstrosity! It is a great political science fiction turned reality. Anyone who have watched the "History" music video of Michael Jackson will understand what Icheoku meant by morphing of Senator John McCain and Karl Rove into the same political creature of deceit, fear and war mongering!

Senator John McCain Straight Talk Express lost its wheels when it allowed Karl Rove to come on-board and started influencing talking-points and policy positions. Any astute observer will agree with Ich eoku that the Senator John McCain we all use to know is no more; in his place is replaced a caricature of the old darling of Americans who then called it as he saw fit. If you fared very well under these past eight years of ineptitude, then take Senator John McCain to dinner otherwise be smart, wise up and vote for a change we can believe in.

Senator Barack Obama is the answer to the question, how do we move forward as Americans from the hell-hole , GW's administration drove us into! Be not afraid, what shall be, shall be!

Sovereign Over Us – Michael W. Smith Lyrics and Chords | Worship Together

Icheoku says, no shaking! All the discredited antics of the Senator John McCain campaign shall come to naught because he is an old dog and you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Senator Hillary Clinton tried the brick, kitchen-sink attack strategy during the primaries and today she is not the Democratic Party's Presidential nominee. Senator John Sidney McCain is again engaging in the same old way that leads to political annihilation and presently suffering from "political-sewer syndrome" and surely he will get the bargained! Just do right by your vote, vote reasonably!

Vote with your head and not your heart, vote for the other guy, the right guy! His name, Senator Barack Obama! Barack Obama's presidency is what the doctor ordered and the only meaningful security for our children's future! The world is aching and Barack Obama is the soothing balm, needed to heal the world of its hurt at the present time! Are you ready to stand up and be counted! Senator John McCain is George Bush's surrogate so we must reject them both as they are both two evil twins!

Whatever you do, do not trade a six for a half dozen - it is just the same, the two faced Janus! Icheoku is suffering from George Bush fatigue syndrome; how about you? Newer Posts Older Posts Home. ICHEOKU says he was greatly loved and admired by those who fought to protect; but in their hearts he will live on and forever. Dozie was 88 years old and died of old age related infirmities. Purely a "pseudologia fantastica" of the coward of Otuoke.

Our condolences to P. Stan died of old age related infirmities. ICHEOKU says with Germany's Merkel now on her way out, with Philippines Rodrigo Dutante, China, Russia, Italy, Mexico and now Brazil, the countries of the world are definitely looking for common sense patriots to lead them during this time of great anxiety and uneasiness in the world.

He is 56 years and an avid supporter of President Donald John Trump. ICHEOKU says hopefully the book will be thrown at him for being such an unthinking fool to bring up such a crazy crap, especially now and so close to the mid term election. Possibly, tired of hopelessly living on the street, he made the decision to take up residence in prison like so many other Americans who are down and out on their luck.

What a pitiful knucklehead. ICHEOKU says for 28 years, that is; for a criminal homicide with a truck, which he intentionally used to run over and kill a business man. ICHEOKU says by the time he comes out of the big house, he would be 81 years and is possible he might die in prison as well.


A thugs life is a thug's life, regardless. ICHEOKU says the season of sleaze is here upon us and men seem not to be winning the war; simply because they are too circumspect and do not want to engage in sullenness. But those crazed out, wild eyed, dogs in heat, keep on coming.

ICHEOKU says time to push back and fight back, came since yesterday, only that these men are playing it cool and will regret it. Time to man up is NOW? Eough of the ongoing nonsense. Kathryn Mayorga is the latest nutjob, now accusing Cristiano Ronaldo of "raping" her in his hotel room.

Ford confidential letter, who did it? She was the only one who had the letter, alongside another California Congress woman. But hey, she can deny all she wants, but the world now knows who cannot and does not respect a constituent's wish that her letter be kept confidential and her identity not be revealed. A case of dirty Dianna, one would say for a 85 year old Senator playing a hard ball, albeit dirty. ICHEOKU says she lied about her fear of flying; about the exactitude of what actually happened, has no recollection of the year, month and day of the alleged incident; and also other inconsistencies, She chooses to remember what she wants to remember and to others, it was I don't remember.

Literally put, she deploy her training as a psychologist to pull a fast one on the American people. I promised to Make America Great Again, not the globe. ICHEOKU says for a case that has no correlation nor bearing to the Russian Collusion investigation; yet the case was dredged up as a sword of Damocles to make him sing or compose against the president. Paul Manafort was taken down by a long time friend, who he mentored and yes, Rick Gates was used by the prosecutor to drive the final nail in Paul Manafort's coffin.

His testimony literary sealed Paul Manafort's fate, admitted a mountain of evidence did him in as well. So sad that trusting people these days is at your own risk and you wonder what has become of the time honored integrity and honor and candor. But hey, he lived it up and so, might as well pay it really up with a lengthy prison sentence.

Why rich people do not like to pay their taxes is beyond so many people's understanding. Sad but grateful for a life well fulfilled. It is a trite law that justice must not only be done but must be seen to be manifestly done and this includes prosecutorial conduct. The question is could an unbiased third party watching from the outside believe that what Peter Strzok did was free of bias? If the answer is no, then bias is to be inferred and this automatically should have precluded him from going forth.

But no, he had an agenda to "stop Trump" and this blindly propelled him on, leading to his disgraceful forced removal. Therefore, his dismissal from the FBI is in order. What Jesus will judge gets lengthier every day. The Ciroma Adamawa was 84 years old and died of complications of infirmities of the old age. King James has once again divorced his homeland Cleveland Cavaliers and headed West to be with Kobe Bryant's former championship side. Joe Jackson died of pancreatic cancer, he was 89 years old. Tel No today; and send her a strong message that America has no room for discrimination of any type and kind.

What a hateful bigoted lesbian. He was 68 years old. He was 20 years old. May his restless soul now find peace. Like Senator Dianne Feinstein who was president of the Board of Supervisors when Moscone was killed and assumed acting Mayor before winning her own mayoral race; London Breed was president of Board of Supervisors when Mayor Ed Lee died and assumed acting Mayor before she was ousted and then ran for the office and now won.

At such an age, that the president still exhibits such energy and stamina is simply inexplicable nor could be explained in any other way other than that it is simply divine. The boy is good and he rocks! I thank President Trump for doing this. Now, he has left Nigeria alone to continue being under pressure as he flies away into the clouds. May his restless soul now find respite from the pressures of Nigeria.

So long Rastaman, Adieu! It was well earned. God speed through Cleveland. Game 2 comes up on Sunday June 10, A well qualified agent who has done so much to protect and safeguard the country and will do a wonderful job leading men and women she has been with for over 30 years. Just wondering whether the conservative British Royal Family will tolerate another fashionista in the Household after Lady Diana experience, especially one that will take the shine and spotlight out of Queen Elizabeth. Also, bare shoulders might be considered a no, no, as well for their princess.

But hey, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex look smashingly hot. He was 17 years old and allegedly used his father's guns to carry out the shootings. Luckily, AK47 was not implicated in this shooting. At 92 years old and you wonder if the guy wants to be buried as a serving Prime Minister. Please Malaysians, ICHEOKU says not to encourage such aberration as the former prime minister has no utility left in him to offer, especially not at his very advanced old age.

But hey, the guy still looks good at Her name is Andrea Constand and she is a lesbian; and you wonder if her encounter with Bill Cosby did her in and affected her love of men and forced her to switch her interest in men. But whatever triggered her sexual preferences, she will go down in history as the woman who brought down Bill Cosby. He is now officially a sex offender and predator who is required to registered as one.

What a sad way to end a storied career at 80 years old; but as always the downfall of many a man is always women. But why he chose to drug women to have them is beyond reprehensible or does he not know how to smooth talk off their panties. May God give him the strength to cope and carry on, regardless of how long.

He was 49 years old. His cause of death is yet to be determined; but he was an alcoholic and battled depression as well as suicide thoughts. ICHEOKU says how long her heartthrob will survive, nobody knows; but most people that are this close, usually follow each other soon. May her matronly soul now rest. George Stephanopoulos did not follow up on many questions which the American people wanted answered clearly and fully.

But hey, the guy is not a straight shooter and it showed. Our warnings have been left unheard. A pre-designed scenario is being implemented. Again, we are being threatened. We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences. All responsibility for them rests with Washington, London and Paris. Insulting the President of Russia is unacceptable and inadmissible. ICHEOKU wished that they had asked Zucker why Facebook is regulating Freedom of Speech and forcing everyone into a near group thinking by censoring speeches which Facebook consider too strong for snowflakes.

ICHEOKU maintains that Facebook must rise above being the policeman of speeches and allow people with different views and philosophies to equally express them on Facebook. Instead of blocking people for their viewpoints, there should be a "WARNING" which says the viewpoint expressed might contain harsh materials for Snowflakes because it contains conservative views, viewers discretion is advised; or as with homosexuals, that it contains same sex materials or as with religious viewpoints that it talked about Jesus, so viewers discretion advised..

ICHEOKU says this will be a more sensible censor rather than a bunch of jellies who has never experienced life outside Silicon Valley deciding what speech to be allowed and what speech to be censored. But overall, Mark held his own and should try and put on suits more often. It made him more respectable rather than the "boy" which so many people see when they look at him in his t-shirt and denim. But short of the ongoing attempt at regulating speech, Facebook should be allowed to continue to operate without much regulation as Facebookers love their portal.

ICHEOKU says exactly what accountability and the rule of law really looks like, when nobody including a former president is too big to be jailed. Unlike the United States of America which is still pussyfooting with holding Queen Crooked Hillary accountable for her many sins of corruption and destroying of evidence. Dictatorship exists in all countries but with different tactics!

They only care for personal and short-term gains and will do anything to reach their goals, even by fooling simple-minded people, hiding the truth, manipulating science and everything, putting public mental and physical health at risk, abusing non-human animals, polluting the environment, destroying family values, promoting materialism and sexual degeneration in the name of freedom and turning people into programmed robots! ICHEOKU says for a president who has zero tolerance for milking the public treasury, it was only a matter of time before a secretary accused of taking his wife on an European vacation on the public dim got whacked.

As everyone knows, accountability and transparency are important values under President Trump and he suffers no one lightly who breaches this canon. There was a valid subsisting contract between his client and Trump, which he encouraged his client to breach and for which she could be held liable for damages. The argument that the contract was defective for not being personally signed by Trump has no legal legs with which to stand because whatever ills that hitherto afflicted it or would have bedeviled it was cured when Stormy Daniels accepted a benefit for forbearance therefrom.

Her accepting the consideration cured every defect in the contract and she is bound by it. So, the stripping whore who takes off her panties on a first date might turn around and sue her lawyer for wrongful advise and incompetent representation if found liable for breach of her contract of Non Disclosure Agreement. But hey, the whole world is waiting to see how the matter is finally fully resolved. Also Stormy Daniels has already breached the contract by going public with the encounter, so her suit to void the contract is already mute and should be dismissed with cost for bringing a frivolous lawsuit and wasting the time of the court.

ICHEOKU says surely but gradually, the president is finally assembling the type of staff that will help him achieve his MAGA agenda; people who believe in his policies and will help him achieve them; rather than setting their own different policy agendas. So long McMaster and welcome Bolton. It is sad that he has to express his outcry for his personal challenges in his life in this manner. Congratulations to the authorities for solving the Austin bombing and quickly. He is a nose ring wearing, purple hair dying, homosexual vegan, who does not seem to be at inner peace with himself.

But hey, he did not say anything stranger than what their Camp Sore Losers have been saying since last November 8, But hey, they can say all they want to say but American women know who truly loves them and gets their back. Hubert de Givenchy, whose line, "Givenchy" is named after him was 91 years old. He died of old age natural causes related infirmities. He had a wonderful run. May his soul rest. She forced the president's hands and she has to be let go and shoved out of her White House job as Communication Director.

Regrettably her later qualifier that the "white lies" has nothing to do with the Russian Collusion and Mueller investigation is rather irrelevant because the doubt has already been sowed and created, especially in the minds of the president's traducers. What a career somersault and tumbling by reason of self immolation.

But the good old Biafran, like every mortal, has finally succumbed to old age. He was 90 years old and died of old age related infirmities and natural cause. Colonel Joseph Hannibal Achuzie was beloved by the people of Biafra, for whose cause he sacrificed so much. Rest in peace Colonel. It only made a generalized rebuttal that the application for the FISA court was not based on Steele's dossier, but admitted it made "narrow" use of information therefrom. However, it did not deny nor made any rebuttal about the accusations of the Republican memo that the FBI and DOJ tried to frustrate the Trump campaign and presidency.

Anyway, American people have since seen what exactly took place during the last election. ICHEOKU says at 49 and loveless, childless and now husbandless, her window of finding true love is actually fast closing. What the problem is, only Jennifer knows; but she sure do look like an intimidating personality. She possibly finds it extremely difficult to step down from her high perch and play a wifely role, being somewhat under a man. Such attitude possibly is in the way of her finding a serious man to be with. She wants a serious man but will not do what it takes by stepping down a notch to accommodate a man's ego.

Only a sissy man will accept such role and she will not accept any sissy man. Another example of a successful woman who has not made up her mind on exactly what she want as she wants it all. Anyway, best of wishes Ms. With Mugabe gone and Zuma gone, it is about time the people of Cameroon also find a way to ease out their own entrenched President Paul Biya out of office.

She also proved beyond all shadows of doubt that she was indeed, actually FIRED from her White House gig for being just a gossipy blubber and contributed nothing useful to the White House. In her Celebrity Big Brother show, she has been running her mouth like a broken faucet about her experience in the White House during her stint there; making wild claims and allegations. Her latest bomb was that Vice Pence Mike Pence believes that Jesus talks to him, claiming that Mike Pence would be worse than President Trump if he ever becomes president and that America will be so confounded by his policies and actions, that they would wish and pray for Trump to come back.

Anyway, any woman who can say and do anything just for fame and fortune, might as well be a hooker turning tricks for crying out loud. She does not hold any appeal for ICHEOKU and she should not for any discerning real man who has values and taste in women, especially well nurtured ladies. What a public enemy number one and an American reject numero uno she has become. They've done an incredible job of creating what really is the most advanced rocket in the world, the biggest rocket in the world.

I'm still trying to absorb everything that happened because it seems surreal to me. What a great game it was and it was enthralling through out the four quarters. ICHEOKU says what took him this long in the face of all the apparent conflict of interest, whether or not they were true. The imperative here is the appearance of it, a matter made worse by tweets and other messages which somewhat implicated him in the play up attempt to stop President Donald John Trump from winning the last election and to sabotage him should he win.

But better late than never as the damage is already done and trust in him is suspect at best. Mr Ingvar Kamprad died on Sunday January 28, of old age related infirmities. It is my honor and privilege to sentence you. You do not deserve to walk about outside a prison ever again. You have done nothing to control those urges and anywhere you walk, destruction will occur to the most vulnerable. To his victims, our solidarity.

He was 78 years old. May his soul now rest and hopefully he can rejoin his paramour Miriam Makela for them to continue making good music in the land beyond. So, if you have invested heavily in that crypto currency, this time might be a good time to shed some of your loads to avoid an assured hypertension triggering collpase which might be headed your way.

South Korea has just banned prospecting on the currency. But hey, like those who were sucker punched by the MMM, please do not allow yourself to be caught flat-footed this time. Remember that a scheduled war does not kill a disabled person. Now his world is come crashing down around him and with no one friend to run to, might eventually run mad. Not worth the current feverish drama which it is getting, because the salacious author lacks credibility and is not a believable personality.

Fire and Fury is a pure fictitious tissue of lies and innuendoes. It is a great hope. ICHEOKU says hopefully he will translate the "great hope" into actionable developments for the people who reposed their hope in him by electing him president. Jerusalem is our capital. Always was, always will be. It thrives on fear. It exploits the weak. It destroys critical thinking. Our salvation is in insisting on a rational society. Enough of these superstitions and greed.

He was 65 years old. In their hatchet job against men, all that is required is a "she said" and puff, a career goes up in smoke. Soon to be former Senator Al Franken is their latest victim as his political career just ended abruptly and in the same manner it started when he defeated a Republican incumbent Norm Coleman in on a first try with a razor thin majority of votes out of about three million total votes cast. HIs political career just ended. Whom the bell tolls next is but anyone wildest guest. But are these women gone amok or what? May the souls of the killed now find rest.

What a dog eat dog situation it is that a supposedly Islamic religionists are killing fellow Islamic religionists, regardless of sects. Charles Manson was 83 years and died of natural causes. Who knows whether he repented of his sins before this night of his final stay on this earth. May his soul be judged according to his misdeeds. He was more than terrible; in short, he lived a human Lucifer. Goodluck Jesse and all the best. Instead of being the good ambassadors, they turned into petty thieves, shoplifting from stores.

In their commendation, the magazine said: A 'she said, he said' recollection of memory gone dim nearly forty years later, is not a sufficient evidence of his guilt. Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, the domestic white terrorist who massacred 26 people and injured 30 others inside a First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas. He looks a gay homosexual white American male and filled with hate. Kelly is towing the same exact path but he is being branded a creep who is involved in sexual occultism. They and only them are always above board while others including those imitating them are pervs; otherwise how does anyone explain the two conducts and harems kept by the two men any differently?

ICHEOKU says it is the season that keeps on giving as another Hollywood big shot has been caught in a child molestation scandal of several years ago. Kevin Spacey sexually abused a 14 year old boy, Anthony Rapp; and in his defense, he said he is a gay man. What an awkward way of coming out of the closet. New Orleans native and music maestro, Fats Domino, died of natural causes; he was 89 years old. ICHEOKU says please let the dead soldiers be; take your politics out of our military and honor the memory of our brave men and women who wore the uniform. ICHEOKU says army deserter who was captive of the Taliban for five years and who was traded in for five Taliban bad actors; who was once described by then candidate Donald John Trump as a "dirty, rotten traitor" who deserved to be executed by firing squad or thrown off an airplane without a parachute, Army Sgt.

Bowe Bergdahl, has pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior-before-the-enemy. He could be spending the rest of his natural life in prison, a fact that will be known on October 23 when he is sentenced. ICHEOKU says his conduct deserves no mercy, in lieu of those who died and were severely wounded during search operations to rescue him. Al Shabab terrorist group most likely pulled it off. May the souls of the departed, no rest. The president believes in equal opportunity for all and has been empowering women, one woman at a time.

Now his whole world has unraveled before his eyes; begging the question what use is all these earthly pursuits, including fame and wealth, if all of them could so easily fly away in a splitting second. The preacher in Ecclesiastes 1: ICHEOKU says the company which he founded with his brother Weinstein LLC has parted ways with the sexual pervert; hoping to stem the bleeding caused by his many decades of sexual escapades and perversion against so many Hollywood women.

ICHEOKU says hopefully his victims will go after the company for covering up for him, in the many years of using his power and influence to have his way among so many unwilling women who saw yielding to his desires as the only pathway to getting a foothold into Hollywood, which he partly controlled. He will spend the next 21 months behind bars for sex-texing a minor, a 15 year old who he sent his private parts and naked body. But she lived to a very ripe age of The heiress to the O'real cosmetic empire, Liliane Bettencourt, is dead.

She died of old age related infirmities. May her soul now rest. ICHEOKU says despite the initial attempt by the Washington Swamp establishment to suppress the evidence, at last it has come to the open that then Presidential candidate Donald John Trump was right when he said that his campaign was wiretapped. Yes indeed, the Obama administration placed wiretap on then Trump's campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

He called for a delegation of the United Nations Security Council to be sent to North Korea to help dissuade the country from its Nuclear weaponry pursuit. According to the Nigerian president, "The most pressing threat to international peace and security today is the accelerated nuclear weapons development program by North Korea. Since the Cuban missile crisis of , we have never come so close to the threat of nuclear war as we have now.

Atiba Madyun discusses the immigration debate

All necessary pressure and diplomatic efforts must be brought to bear on North Korea to accept peaceful resolution of the crisis. As Hiroshima and Nagasaki painfully remind us, if we fail, the catastrophic and devastating human loss and environmental degradation cannot be imagined. The delegation, led by the Security Council, should include members from all the regions. It was fun while it lasted; mission accomplished. It is the stuff science fiction is made of; except that this time, it was real practical science. Salute to brilliant minds that made such a feat possible.

He appointed Hope Hicks as the new White House Communication Director, the third person to occupy the office within the last three months. Hopefully she will be the last person to occupy the revolving seat which the position has recently become. So many hits that blew minds back in the day and people flocked to his music as a must have love story music. Don Williams was 78 years old and died after a brief illness. What a Country crooner he was. The world, particularly that of Biafrans, salute his great courage. An independent sovereign State of Biafra might actually be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Th politicians and their courts have put him away. He was fired today August 25th, by the new Chief of Staff General Kerry who is trying to streamline the operations of the White House. Gorka was a lieutenant of the also previously fired former chief strategist Steve Bannon, now practically ridding the White House of that band of brothers from the right.

Hopefully the White House can become more functional and less divisive now; geared towards prosecuting the Make America Great Again agenda. Nature is something else. He had a good life and lived to a fruitful old age. Jerry Lewis died of old age related infirmities. Imagine what would have happened had anyone uttered such bloody idiocy during President Obama's time in office. Thats the million dollar question as the world awaits the effect of the latest world sanction that has been placed on North Korea and its diminutive leader, Kim Jung Un.

A man who believes in getting results seems to have had it with the lack of any legislative accomplishments in the last six months and had to rejig his White House staff. Reince Priebus was immediately replaced with General John F. Kelly, former Secretary of Homeland Security. ICHEOKU wishes Reince well and says hello welcome the people's general and hopefully he will bring order and efficiency to a White House that seems to have so many directors, none of which wants to submit to any other authority except the president.

The Canadian born superstar, as a result, has cancelled all his scheduled tours and said he will devote his time working hard towards getting good grades in God's book of judgment. ICHEOKU says with the so many suicides among entertainers and musicians, overachievers, who seemed to have become lonely and bored after reaching their peak, taking shelter under Jesus is a welcome life saving decision. HIs scars are there, showing a man battle tested and who will not let a blood cloth surgery keep him down and away from joining this fellow Republicans in moving the president and his party's agenda repeal and replace Obamacare forward.

So as the party of sore losers are out again dangling a carrot to the American people, lets hope they will provide same. Yes, they spent a better half of the year running a narrative which they know is false, claiming a Russian collusion. Now their lie have fallen flat and up to another gimmickry they go. Yes, they want to push another reset button, but this time not with Russia. It is with their own conscience.

Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington, hung himself. He was 41 years old. May his restive soul now rest. The verdict is universal that the beautiful Melania is indeed beautiful and vivacious too. Americans are pleased to have her representing the country in her capacity as the First Lady. A Brazilian court found him guilty of taking bribes while in office and he will be spending about ten years in prison barring a successful appeal. ICHEOKU wishes Nigerians could similarly too send their kleptomaniac past leaders to prison for wanton corruption and vagrant abuse of office.

Way to go Brazilians in holding your corrupt past leaders accountable. Yusuf Maitama Sule, the Danmasanin Kano, died at a hospital in Cairo, Egypt of old age related infirmities of pneumonia and chest infections. What a milestone, having plus minus 4 billion eyes glued to the social media giant. ICHEOKU says good riddance as he was about taking down the company he took up to a global disruptor and forced so many other ride providing services out of business including many Taxi drivers and companies.

Travis Kalanick made so many overtures to remain but the shareholders rebuffed him and demanded that he resign immediately and today, he is no longer the chief executive officer of the ride sharing company. Drugs are not good for anyone; they kill. Former Chancellor of Germany, Helmut Kohl died of old age related infirmities. He was 87 years old. Yes, work place violence is a common happenstance in America, resulting from over stressed and overworked workers. May the souls of the dead now rest. I behaved unethically, for ethical reasons.

What a demeaning of human life because as far as she was concerned, the baby's life is worth too little compared to her medal. Now one of the leakers of classified documents has been been busted. With two game wins in their kitty it is off to Cleveland on Wednesday for Game 3. ICHEOKU says if only the rest of the world can take care of their environmental issues including clean air, clean water, less polluted navigable waters and bring it to par with America's, may be the environmental concerns would be solved without a need for an accord which is skewed heavily against America.

ICHEOKU says the world is being smart by half in trying to play catch up to America by surreptitiously delaying America's progress with some accord while the rest of the world tries to catch up with it; otherwise why is China and India not similarly bound. It tells a lot about the lucidity state of the former legendary golfer who was busted in Florida for driving under the influence. ICHEOKU therefore is not buying into the after the fact prepared statement that alcohol was not involved; that it was only mixed medications.

ICHEOKU hopes that he gets all the help he needs and find some other more acceptable ways of dealing with whatever it is that he is going through. The fact that he has not fully recovered, emotionally and psychologically, ever since his divorce from his former wife, Elin Nordegren, resulting in his plummet from his formerly Olympian heights in golf, is self evident.

The world is waiting and watching to see if this is the end for the former golf great or it is just another bump on the road for a man who has been going down hill for sometime now. He died following complications from brain tumor surgery. He was 83 years old. Drive them out of your places of worship. Drive them out of your communities.

Drive them out of your holy land. And drive them out of this earth. He who has nothing to hide fears no accusation and President Donald John Trump has no problem with the appointment. Therefore, ICHEOKU says nothing but a speedy investigation is expected, provided it is thorough and fair so that the president can continue governing and making America great again without all these needless distractions. However, another special counsel should be appointed to review Hillary Clinton's emailgate in the interest of fairness.

That the French people voted him to lead them tells a lot about the French and their freewheeling attitude of not holding people, especially their politicians and public figures, accountable. But hey, it is the French and they usually keep their things Frenchy. Congratulations President and First Lady Macron. Marine Le Pen is the answer to the question how could France recover its glory. Save France today vote Madame Le Pen. Now Alex Hernandez, a former NFL player with the New England Patriots, serving life for his murder conviction, could not take the price of fame anymore and decided to end it.

He forged a noose with his bed sheet and in went his head, and strangled himself to death. But hey, it is a weapon and in the area of weaponry, such cost analysis does not usually have a say. Congratulations Oma and Allen. Now a truck has been driven into a crowd at a shopping mall killing some Swedes. Our condolences to those who lost their lives in the latest madness in Stockholm. May his comic soul now rest.

May the souls of the killed rest. She becomes the first of such elected president to be removed from office. Icheoku wishes the country well in choosing a next president who will be above board and prays that other countries, especially those in Africa could boldly act in similar circumstances. May God keep him safe and guide him through his term in the White House. Another cuckoo land American in Olathe Kansas.

Icheoku says can there truly be a White House Correspondents dinner without the chief host, the president? Now that the president is not attending, Icheoku wonders if indeed the dinner will still hold or will those correspondents so called lead a delegation of apologists to the president to pledge to report news and not made up ones.

But hey, fake news correspondents might as well tough it out without the president and host a fake correspondents dinner,. Icheoku says hopefully the desperate far left anarchists will let him be as he joins President Donald John Trump to help reposition America and make America Great Again. Abdel Rahman died of diabetes and coronary disease related natural causes in prison where he was serving a life sentence on several terrorism-related convictions. Icheoku says going forward, believe what you hear on CNN at your own peril.

Hopefully, he will review some of the things that transpired before the election including the meeting in Arizona between Lauretta Lynch and Bill Clinton. Icheoku says congratulations Senator Sessions and may your reign bring back integrity in the Justice Department. Her cliff hanging entry was out of this world and she sang her hearts out.

Above all, she stayed clear of politics, mindful that among the fans were people from different political divides and did not want to mess with anyone's happiness. May God guide her through full term and a hitch-free successful delivery. Congratulations Mrs Carter and of course to Mr Carter too. Icheoku says the no nonsense chief executive and the man who invented You're Fired has now applied the first on in office.

Icheoku says what a welcome development as such timely action will help straighten the public service. Icheoku says the president took the First Lady to the ball, the inauguration ball, that is; and they looked a million dollar each. Icheoku says she must not be a happy camper, watching from the sidelines instead of being the center of attention, sworn in as the first female president of America.

Hillary Clinton must be wondering if only she had leveled with the American people; came clean with them and never had to delete and bleach wash 33, emails and tried to cover it up. Icheoku says she can blame the Russians all she wants, but she needs to look into the mirror to see a victim of self-destruct who inflicted on herself a mortal political injury.

Good enough she soldiered to the inauguration but she will never recover nor forget the presidency that once again eluded her due to her own fault. Icheoku says the last man still standing from the moon landing expedition, that is the very last man to ever walk the surface of the moon, Gene Cernan, is dead. Astronaut Cerman died of old age related causes. He was 82 years old. May his soul rest in peace. Icheoku says why pick and choose what to review; instead just review all the gaddam Hillary Clinton's emails including why she was not indicted following the case made for her indictment by the FBI.

Only a total review will assure Americans that this is not part of the witch-hunt to diminish Donald Trump's presidential election victory as well as his coming presidency. Icheoku says Americans should demand all or nothing; it is either the IG reviews everything or nothing at all. What a final farewell parting gift for Joey, the boy from Scranton; who apparently have lost touch with his working class roots and could not deliver the working class Ross Belt Americans votes to Hillary Clinton.

Anyway, his being Joe is enough to win him a presidential medal. Icheoku says congratulations Joey. Icheoku says all the best to the outgoing president who lost many fans including Icheoku. But hey, glad his knee jerk queasiness has finally approached its end and Icheoku looks forward to the Trump's MAGA presidency.

He was 82 years old and died of old age related infirmities of heart condition.

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He was president of Iran between to Icheoku says former Portuguese President Mario Soares is dead. He died of old age natural causes of respiratory difficulties. He was 92 years old. He was President of Portugal from to and before then served as Prime Minister from to and again from to There were attempts to hack the Republican National Committee, but the RNC had strong hacking defenses and the hackers were unsuccessful. The world does not need all these added tension to its already plate-full of problems.

Like Rodney King said, can't we all just get along in this world, including America with the Russians? Carrie died of massive heart attack. She was 60 years old.


May her soul Rest In Peace. Icheoku says the British mega pop star, whose famous songs includes "Father Figure", is dead. George Michael was aged 53 years and died of natural causes; so far no foul play has been detected as his cause of death. George Michael was gay and could have contracted the AIDS or died of drug overdose; admitted, none of which has been confirmed as the cause of his death.

Icheoku says what a year has been and which has refused to simply go away without causing further havocs. So many stars and celebrities have fallen just this year alone including Prince and now this guy. Icheoku says may his soul rest in peace; Adieu George. In another instance, legal aide Anne Else traveled miles to visit me.

The FBI and Marion staff eavesdropped on our meeting until they were inadvertantly discovered in the act by another prisoner, Leonard Peltier. The FBI then interrupted my visit and called Anne Else to the front office, where they attempted to interrogate, terrorize and intimidate her into not filing a lawsuit against them.

In still one more instance of harassment, Scott Anderson, editor of the Milwaukee Courier newspaper, traveled over miles to interview me. He was allowed one hour to conduct a tape-recorded interview over a phone in the visiting booth. At the end of the hour he discovered that Marion officials cut off the sound to the tape recorder's telephone soon after the interview began. The officials refused to let him redo the interview. At Marion i was also not permitted to telephone my lawyer unless i could prove it was less than five days before he was to appear in court on my behalf, otherwise all communications to my lawyer had to be written.

After eight years, in large part due to demonstrations at Marion and substantial national pressure to end the lockdown, Sundiata wastransferred to Leavenworth, where he remains today. She was called the "soul of the Black Liberation Army" by the government. After spending 6 years in prison, Assata Shakur escaped in In her autobiography, written from her new home in Cuba, Assata describes Sundiata's character: There is something about Sundiata that exudes calm. From every part of his being you can sense the presence of revolutionary spirit and fervor. And his lo ve for Black people is so intense that you can almost touch it and hold it in your hand.

Sundiata is a true hero. He has been an unceasing fighter for the liberation of Black people and for this he has been madeto spend the last 18 years of his life in prison. And if we do not do something about it, the U. Join us in our campaign to ensure Sundiata's freedom. For more information about the efforts to free Sundiata or to be added to the mailing list, please write to: Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign, P.

If you would like to order more of these pamphlets, please send requests to Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign, P. Box , Chicago, Illinois Single copies are free of charge. For multiple copies, please send a contribution for printing and postage. Box , Chicago, Illinois Or Call Please include name, mailing adress, and phone number. Coordinator of the New Afrikan Women's Taskforce. New Afrikan People's Organization As conscious New Afrikan women, i t is incumbent upon us to challenge sexist oppression, wherever, we find it!!!

However, W e call on all conscious New Afrikans to take this challenge, recognizing that for all of us to be free and independent, we all must be i n volved i n this struggle.

Sexism runs rampant in religions, institutions and social structures and we must fight against it everywhere. However, at this writing i am most concerned about how we support and perpetuate this oppression i n writings. Male centered language, conceptually promotes women's oppression. This language often talks about freedom like i t will benefit men only, and liberation as man's domain. Take for example the following: The New Afrikan Declaration of Independence. In December, i was i n dialogue with young sisters at the University of Chicago at Urbana.

They are strong Black women, struggling for their identity, and challenging the sexism that continues to perpetuate itself on college campuses. They spoke about the condescending ways they are treated, especially when they espouse changes i n the status quo. Coming from the perspective of a revolutionary nationalist, encouraging them to be a part of an organization and a movement that believes and promotes the equality and development of women, and an independent New Afrikan Nation i have to be able to show them concretely, not i n a line on a piece of paper, the implementation of this theory.

So i f i stand with them and discuss the Declaration o f Independence, in the context of a society promoting egalitarian principles, and as we read it, the emphasis is on "mankind", "man's pursuit o f , "man's genius", etc. W e understand, historically, the era that this document was written in.

W e also understand that as an archival document, we cannot change it. I f it is inclusive then let us refer to "womankind" and accept that i t includes men. This is not to assume that there will not be times where it is necessary to be male centered and female centered. However, whenever we are talking about the survival and liberation of our New Afrikan Nation, we are definitely talking about the partici pation of its women and men. For those of us who use this document and others like it, we must acknowledge the sexism, and reflect i n our discussions, our progress on the issue.

For this reason and others, how we define, explain and promote our movement is crucial. This is one example, but there are many. Most of the political writings, by men, where we learn and develop political theory, are sexist, intentional or not. Understanding that i t arises out of an ingrained system of white male supremacy, the fact that some of our best minds perpetuate it, should indicate the seriousness of our task.

W e cannot continue into the year supporting, or promoting backward ideas and practices, written, verbal or otherwise. Our movement,where revolutionary consciousness is highest and where the concept of creating a better world and a better people is a goal, has to take the leadership i n addressing and correcting this issue. I n our struggle against oppression, i n all its forms, the struggle against the oppression of women, one half of our Nation, must be a priority on our agenda.

We must all be committed to the full participation of women in the struggle for National Liberation, in word and deed. Music, song and dance have always been a prevalent cultural characteristic i n Afrikan societies, both. The "residue" that remained throughout our colonial experience that allowed for the root-taking of. For New Afrikans held i n the clutches of colonialists so ruthless and intent to repress the smallest. The New Afrikan masses never fully accepted this I t was not carried out simply for it's own sake, but.

O f course, Brother G i l Scott-Heron went on to. Out of the National. Those are the "controversial" artists we hear of periodically thru criticism by the bourgeois media. Leading this revolutionary rap campaign is the rap group Public Enemy, consisting of seven Brothers: The Brothers have alarmed the establishment with their absolute adherence to Revolutionary Nation-. This rap goes on to. Ballroom -where Malcolm was murdered over a caption that reads: Hairstyles, attire and attitudes are being influ-. Indiana with the old Westville Correction Center. Basically, the general public has a narrow and selective view of violence.

The media, with its selective and. I t was to house "the most aggressive and dangerous inmates i n Federal custody. Moreover, usually the weapon is a gun, knife, or club. I would say that i f we want to produce, to make animals out of human beings, that this is the perfect procedure for doingit. And that humanizing them means affording them some human contact with each other, and in a limited way with whatever the rules prescribe, with the world outside.

The more limited they are, the more animal-like they will be in their behavior. All of these are clear acts of personal violence, and the kind we commonly associate with events of violence. Institutional violence usually occurs in nursing homes, mental hospitals, and prisons; but because it is hidden from view the general public tends to disregard it. This is, unless the media reports some flagrant incident.

However, i f an orderly vindictively punches an elderly person for requesting a. On the other hand, i f "behavior control and human experimentation" is being conducted on prisoners and just because it isn't bloody or the public isn't aware of it, doesn't make it any less harmful. The state of affairs I observed atMarion Prison is destructive to inmates, staff, institution, and society-at-large.

I f the current conditions continue, there will be continuing psychological harm to staff and inmates alike, and the likelihood of further destruction of property and loss of fife. Second, holdinginmates in locked cells for 23 house daily, aUowmgvery little opportunity for physical activity, no programs for work participation, no open visiting and severely restricted communication with family, little opportunity for interaction with peers, and no acceptable means of expression of anger in many ways leads to a sustained state of rage, and resentment and preoccupation with thoughts of violent vengeance against institutional staff, and the society-atlarge.

This situation impacts on guards through interaction because in the process of dehumanizing prisoners they at the same time dehumanize themselves. Internalized, this stress and dehumanization is then carried back into their homes and environment This is called the Boomerang Syndrome.

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  • William Booth and His Salvation Arny;

What could be a more clear indictment against this type of policy? Why, the authorities are producing hate factories. For some men held under these conditions for prolonged periods of time, the purpose for living becomes to inflict harm or death upon the perceived tormentors.

Three, the damageinflicteduponsome inmates held for extended periods of time under such conditions as nowexists in Marion will be permanent. Some of these men will eventually be released to the outside world as emotional cripples and will be liabilities to society, either because they are incapable of maintaining themselves through legitimate work or because they represent physical danger to others.

Lasdy, I don't see myself as an advocate for prison reform, but rather my concern is for the harm which is done psychologically to thousands and perhaps tens of thousands of inmates which I believe is avoidable. It's all upside-down logic. Yet everyday in the name of justice, in every prison in this country, institutionalized violence is being inflicted upon prisoners, and "this daily wave of a million tiny assaults builds up a vast reservoir of resentment. In fact, after having time to think and reflect, some of us are deeply sorry for the crimes we have committed against the community and wish to return as contributing members rather than social parasites.

I do not think that the way that Marion Prison is operated and many others I have seen is necessary in order to protect the inmate and the staff. In closing, we would like to send our warmest regards to all the people, "forces", church congregations, organizations, and sympathetic journalists for. For at this hour. We believe that the basis for their refusal was further. The atrocities are numerous. So we decided to hold a press conference later that day. It is our belief that at least three papers, if not more, carried the story.

Well, by the time the press came Wright had already come up with another story - that he refused us access because we had refused to sign some papers, an alleged prerequisite to gaining entry. We scolded the press for even entertaining the idea that we'd refuse to sign any. Erica called the MCC to find out what the make sure everything went smoothly. When we arrived on March 9th, we were told by the warden these humanrightsand unconstitutional vblations.

He said that because we were attorneys from Illinois, and not Indiana that we'd be unable to visit. It was then that we spent about three hours on the pay telephone in the visiting room trying to overturn Wright's decision. We had a conversation with someone from the legal department of the Dept. Aiken, Commissioner of the Dept. Nunn said "it was policy" that only Indiana attorneys were allowed in; but a person from the legal department told me that she could not find any policy, anywhere,.

Material on women, gay and lesbian issues, healthcare, and arts criticism as related to the New Afrikan Independence Movement is strongly encouraged. Irving Park, Suite , Chicago, Illinois Freedom Found Books S. This will also help with the expansion of a number of other future Spear and Shield projects.

The electronic shock box described by Wilson, which Burge cranked to send an electric current through his hands, ears and genitals, was similar to the "Tucker telephones" used initially against prisoners in Arkansas and later against the Viet Cong. Burge served as an M. I n addition, then L t. Burge and two detectives working under him, placed a garbage bag over Wilson's head until he passed out, and then revived him to continue their interrogations and beating. This technique, known as "dry submarino" is also internationally recognized as an effective means of interrogation and punishment because i t is so frightening and leaves no marks.

In , after the first civil rights trial ended i n a hung jury a police insider informed Wilson's attorneys that Burge had used electroshock and "dry submarino" on many other persons in custody and gave the attorneys information which led to the uncovering of additional victims. The insider acknowledged that Burge was notorious for the use of his "black box" against Black suspects and his information led to the discovery of fifteen other victims of Burge's torture.

However, the federal judge refused to allow the other victims to testify i n the second civil rights trial. He also refused to allow any evidence corroborating Wilson's account of torture, including an expert, the Deputy Medical Examiner of Cook County, who found that Wilson's rendition of the facts were consistent with being tortured. Additionally, the judge excluded Blacks from the jury and when this occurred, not surprisingly, the jury refused to award Wilson damages. Mounting the Political Campaign Nevertheless, armed with what was now testimony from sixteen victims, all Black, of electroshock, "dry submarino" and russian roulette, the Task Force to Confront Police violence, Citizens Alert, and other community forces, began a campaign to expose Burge and make the police department fire him.

For the next 18 months demonstrations and protests were held. City Council meetings were disrupted until demands were met for full hearings into Burge's torture. These hearings occurred on Christmas Eve, and received widespread T V coverage including photos of a replica of Burge's black box. Local agitation resulted i n an international report from Amnesty International calling for investigation into torture i n Chicago. The City Cuts Burge Loose As i t became clearer and clearer that the protest and exposure of Burge would not go away and that he was becoming a liability to the Mayor and police chief, the Office of Professional Standards the police investigation agency reversed an earlier ruling and recommended Burge be fired for torturing Andrew Wilson.

The Mayor and police chief, after sitting on the OPS recommendation for a year, reversed themselves and concurred i n the OPS decision. As a result, Burge has. The hearings have given public airing to several of Burge's victims besides Wilson. Their accounts together with the testimony of an international torture expert supporting the victims' accounts of electroshock and "dry submarino" have appeared on the nighdy news.

The City's embarrassment continues. In February, a further bombshell was released i n the form of an even more far-reaching OPS investigation and finding. This finding is based on the accounts of over 58 victims of Burge and other Area I I detectives between and They circulated a document saying the People's Law Office was in a conspiracy with all the criminals to bankrupt Chicago and make themselves rich. I f the series of events described above continues to head in the direction it is currendy heading, then the number of felons removed from the streets will be dramatically reduced, job security will be gready diminished, and your legal exposure will be substantially increased.

In the matter of alleged physical abuse, the preponderance of the evidence is that abuse did occur and that i t was systematic. The time span involved covers more than ten years. The type of abuse described was not limited to the usual beating, but went into such esoteric areas as psychological techniques and planned torture. The number of incidents in which an Area I I command member is identified as an accused can lead to only one conclusion. Particular command members were aware of the systematic abuse and perpetuated i t either by actively participating in same or failing to take any action to bring i t to an end.

This conclusion is also supported by the number of incidents i n which the Area I I offices were named as the location of the abuse. The potential explosiveness of these findings of the racist brutality of an entire segment of the Chicago Police Department over a decade is simmering in the public consciousness. The Mayor and police chief have rejected this report and still refuse to acknowledge itssignificance or admit its accuracy. Burge and Fraternal Order of Police Retaliate As the hearings proceed and additional evidence comes out against Burge and the other two detectives whoface being fired, the officers implicated and the police union have mounted their own counter-attack.

W i t h the total support of the white-dominated Fraternal Order of Police, the B. Y committee for Burge, O'Hara and Yucaitis was formed. Many current police brass including former superintendents are on its honorary list. Using police role calls, states attorney's office meetings, and the strong arming of tavern owners i n Chicago to demand a keg of beer, or its money equiva-. W i t h tears in his eyes Burge stated he was overwhelmed with emotions and could not speak but assured the crowd he would continue to fight.

A not so speechless representative of the National Fraternal Order of Police said Burge's was a critical case that demanded the support of police throughout the country. He told the crowd i f Burge loses, then criminal suspects and greedy lawyers will bankrupt every city in the country and the police will all lose their jobs. Mike Royko, a popular populist commentator i n Chicago echoed the F.

Outcome Unknown Even though the count of known victims of torture and extreme violence by Burge is up to 72, he is only being prosecuted for the Wilson case alone. This, in and of itself is a grand distortion of the facts and ignores reality completely. The decision on whether Burge is fired will be made in the upcoming months by the police board, appointed by Mayor Daley.

The Board is made up of a majority of professionals and will be given transcripts of the entire disciplinary proceedings. The lawyer prosecuting Burge may be "legally competent," but ignores the political overtones of this case. He is passionless and has neglected to implicate the police department, and its fraternal agencies in a pattern of torture and cover-up.

Burge's lawyer, on the other hand, is very political, plays to the media constandy, and paints a ferocious and racist picture of the "victim" decorated police officer versus the heinous criminal. There is an increasing awareness and outrage against Burge i n the Black community, while elected Black leaders remain silent. The Board's decision on whether to fire Burge hangs i n the balance of the political forces and is not yet clear.

Some Lessons What we do know is that torture and brutality against Blacks and other people of color i n Chicago has been and continues to be a policy of the Chicago Police Department and it is not limited to Jon Burge.

Grand Junction Caller ID 970-764

Like Burge, there are hundreds of other officers who have. I n fact, there is a list of "repeater" cops who we target; Burge is at the extreme end of the spectrum o f tolerated, condoned and encouraged police abusers. Indeed Burge has been steadily promoted by both Black and white superintendents fully aware of the allegations against him. Rather than disciplining Burge and other repeat offender police, the City's policy has been to promote them. What we do know is that there is a hard core indeed the majority of white police officers represented by the police union that supports police violence against Blacks.

W e also know that group has a substantial base in the larger white community and most white people are reluctant to confront this core of racism. Lasdy, we know that political exposure and work can have an effect. The "secrets" of racist police violence and its acceptance at the police station like the "secrets" around the racist beating of Rodney King are out in Chicago for all to see.

A substantial anti-racist force has been put together out of the outrage coming from this exposure and from the struggle to confront police torture and brutality. September of marked the 20th anniversary of the great rebellion at Attica prison. I n memory of that historic event, members of national liberation struggles, prison activists, and many others from 14 states, Puerto Rico and Canada participated in a conference, initiated by the Committee to End the Marion Lockdown CEML in Chicago, to chart a course to abolish control unit prisons.

I t was decided at the conference to devote a weekend of activities across the country, in Canada and Puerto Rico, that would proclaim our opposition to these notorious institutions. Since the Bureau of Prisons BOP is planning a replacement for Marion prison in Florence, Colorado that is specifically designed as a control unit prison, it is particularly important that the activities raise this issue.

Allowing the prison at Florence to open would set a precedent and would drag the entire prison system down to even greater inhumanity. We must stop the BOP from opening Florence. Those generating the activities at each site should raise the issue of Florence and whatever local issues are appropriate. Each location will choose the best target local control unit prison, federal building, congressional. These could include demonstrations, press conferences, teach-ins, delegations, and video showings. Thus far there are activities planned in 17 cities. The next issue will report on the activities and summarize the lessons learned from this campaign.

This is an historic opportunity. While much of the progressive community has collapsed in the face of Bush's New World Order, this series of activities across the country, and even internationally, will challenge the racist hysteria behind the law and order terror that is sweeping the U. We call on all those progressive people concerned with justice and opposed to racism to join us. Please contact us to get more information or to let us know what your plans will be for that weekend. Together we can construct a harmony of opposition to the New World Order.

And of course, the U N General Assembly Resolutions such as ,, , ,,, and the U N Charter, Articles 1 2 , 55 and 56 as well as the Geneva Protocol I , Article 1 4 support the right to self-determination for all peoples. Colonialism is a violation of jus cogens. It is therefore, abominable that vigorous attempts are being made by some countries to remove South Africa from the list of territories to be decolonized.

Many countries involved in the preservation of colonialism in South Africa are the traditional practitioners of slavery, colonialism, racism and apartheid. It is important therefore, to restate loud and clear that South Africa is the last bastion of colonialism in Africa; notwithstanding that many have been fooled about the colonial situation in this African country. Even those who ought to know better, are mesmerized by the Eurocentric or Westocentric interpretation of international law on the South African colony.

They talk about self-determination and decolonization being applicable everywhere i n the world, except in South Africa Azania. The indigenous African people of Azania were colonized and lost their land and national sovereignty. I t does not make sense to welcome the independence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania which was lost only 50 years ago, but tena-. The colonization of this African country is much longer than that of the European countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. I n the socalled South Africa, the colonialists tried not only to mutilate and fake the history of Azania South Africa ; they also manipulated international law.

South Africa is the only British Colony i n Africa that has not been decolonized. Colonialism remains entrenched i n South Africa with its off-shoot apartheid and racist minority alien rule being the symptom of the colonial disease. Some colonial lawyers and those influenced by the imperialist interpretation of international law have suggested that this statute decolonized the African country. But facts are too plain to succumb to this conundrum. Firsdy, the very colonial statute that created "South Africa" was racist and colonialist.

Section 44 of the South Africa Act stipulates the qualification of people to be elected members of the South Africa minority setder parliament as those who I t must also be noted that during the debate on the South Africa Bill , the Prime Minister of the time said, " I t is not the English way to rule whites as subject people. It must also be observed that according to Article 35 of the South Africa Act the limited right of Africans to vote i n two of the British Colonies of Natal and Cape which were part of the four colonies which make "South Africa" provided for the abolition of the vote for the Africans i f two thirds of the majority of the settler members of the colonial parliament in South Africa so wished.

There are also clear reasons why "South Africa" was created to be a perpetual colony. Constitutional lawyers Gilbert Dold and C P. Joubert have explained why the four British Colonies i n South Africa were united under settler minority European rule, instead of decolonizing the overwhelming indigenous Africans that had been colonized. The Cape with the warlike Xhosa tribes Sir George Grey, a British Colonial Gevernor i n the Cape, when recommending the Union of the British Colonies i n South Africa said; " I believe that nothing but a strong Federal Government which unites within itself all the European races in South Africa can permanently maintain peace i n this country, and free Great Britain from constant anxiety for the peace of her possessions here.

Some colonial lawyers have argued that because South Africa became a member of the League of Nations in and of the United Nations on 7th November , i t must be considered an "independent sovereign state". The learned friends conveniendy ignore the fact that: The Philippines then an American Colony was a.

As soon as the settlers were granted power by Britain i n this African country, Azania - they confirmed the worst fears o f the African people. They embarked upon turning the African country into a "whiteman's country". The Hansards of and for both Houses of the South African colonial parliament prove this conclusively.

On 30th November , Colonel Sir A. W o o l l Sampson, M. Braamfontein, told the Colonial House of Assembly i n Cape T o w n that the white voters and those they had elected were determined to make South Africa a whiteman's country. He hoped that a vote would be taken on this matter, so that the people Europeans should be able to see who were prepared to make South Africa a whiteman's country The time had come when honorable members had to carry out their promises to the electors and assure South Africa that they were all in earnest when they said, "This shall be a whiteman's country".

South Africa's membership of the League of Nations i n and that of the United Nations on 7th November did not make this colony an "independent state". The respectable academic Professor Oliver O. Lissitzyn of Columbia University says " South Africa is a gigantic colonial fraud of the 20th century. I t also demonstrates the degree of racism, kith and kin politics and economic interests of those who perpetuate the lie that the Africans i n South Africa should fight only against apartheid, not for their right to self-determination and independence.

I n when the four British Colonies were united there were over 5,, Africans in Azania now called "South Africa". But the union of the four colonies was enacted for European setders. The population of the setders was as follows: I n the minority racist colonialist parliament i n South Africa the setders were represented as follows: Cape Colony 51 members of parliament Natal 17 members of parliament Transvaal Orange 3 6 members of parliament River Colony 17 members of parliament 11 The indigenous Africa population was over 5,, They were ignored by the colonial power and the colonial setders.

They remained helpless spectators as their national tragedy unfolded before them and has lasted to this minute despite the euphoria about the "dying" apartheid - the manifestation of racist colonialism. O f course, today, there is a carefully orchestrated campaign of deception by certain quarters that there is change in South Africa warranting not only the lifting of sanctions and other pressures against the racist colonialist regime of South Africa, but "that the independence of Namibia has rendered irrelevant the consideration of apartheid i n the framework of decolonization.

I t is devoid of truth and is nakedly demonstrating that the so-called "New W o r l d Order" intends to perpetuate white racist colonialist rule i n South Africa in a new complexion. I n South Africa there is no fundamental change on the issue of racist colonial rule. Africans are still under alien rule. The change i n South Africa is one of tactics, and not of heart to do justice to the colonized Africans. Statements made by prominent leaders of the apartheid regime make this clear. These are the elementary facts we brought ourselves to accept Addressing the recent Congress of his party i n Bloemfontein i n September , M r.

O f course, M r. He did not mince his words. The so-called Constitutional Proposals for Participatory Democracy do not contradict anything he has said. Majority rule tends to naturally impose unity at the expense of diversity. W e believe that majority rule is not suitable for a country like South Africa W e shall not throw the freedom and values that have been built over three and half centuries aboard.

The United Nations Convention of the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid has declared this odious system of dehumanization and social degradation as a crime against humanity. This crime is akin to genocide and is on par with war crimes. Anyway, South Africa is the last bastion of colonialism i n Africa. This colony was fraudulendy smuggled into the League of Nations and the United Nations on the basis of racism, economic and other interests.

Lukashuk of Kiev University in Ukraine correcdy puts i t , "Colonial powers did not always abide by international law. Colonial powers tried increase their influence during the drafting and implementation of multilateral treaties. T h e colonial powers required for themselves extra votes not only for their utterly arbitrary amalgamation on behalf o f which they acted for their selfish interests Congress of Azania PAC which is fighting for selfdetermination i n South Africa queried the credentials of the South African regime to represent the colonized and dispossessed people of Azania at the United Nations.

This query by the P. Meeting adopted as official policy a long document prepared by the PAC arguing the case for the illegality of South Africa's i n ternational status". South Africa is missing from the list of British Colonies that were decolonized.

I t is the only British colony in Africa which was never decolonized. The only time South Africa will be an independent and sovereign state in international law shall be when the vast dispossessed indigenous African majority whose country was colonized, regain control of their inalienable right to selfdetermination. They are certainly regulating i n ternational life today.

But the tenet which says and which is quoted in support of colonial powers having sovereign rights over territo-. I t is the European concept They demand decolonization of their country now. N o t the white washing of the crime of apartheid and the double standard condoning colonialism and racism in this African country-Azaniacolonially called "South Africa" since 20th September by colonialists. South Africa Act Section 44 2. South Africa Bill Debate 3. South Africa Act Section 35 4. Gilbert Dold and C P.

Joubert, T h e British Commonwealth. Gilbert Dold and J. C Joubert, op cit. Covenant of the League of Nations Article 1 2 S. Ibid Article 33 Supplement Irish Times, May De Klerk statement to the minority colonialist parliament of South Africa 17April Lukashuk, H R C V o l. The Qitinccntennial celebration of Columbus' "discovery" of the Americas marks an important time in our history-a turning point. It is time to dispel the lingering myths and shatter the legacy of Coin mbns tha t still exists today.

Indigenous peoples and other peoples of color throughout the Americas suffer still from the pervasive notions of manifest destiny, ownership of land and greed. It is those same peoples who resist mid fight those notions today, just as they have fought for the last years. On October 12, , the eyes of the world will be on the Americas, particularly the U. Many will celebrate the th anniversay of this "discovery". Most of the world, however, will remember the last years as a fight agamst genocide, racism, colonialism and political internment.

All across the U. As well as a year to fight for self-determination of oppressed nationalities within U. Recognition of the sovereign rights of the Indigenous Peoples in the I Americas; a. Recognition of the transnational character and struggles of the Indigenous Peoples in the Americas that transcend artificial geo-political boundries; b Recognition of the League of Indigenous Soverign Indian nations and the International Indian Treaty Council to assume its rightful seat in the U N General Assembly and other appropriate U N bodies. Abolition and dismemberment of the US federal state and all other white supremacist empires and states in the Americas; a Recognition of the New Afrikan nation and its struggles to establish an independent New Afrikan State; b Recognition of Northern Mexico as a legitimate part of the Mexican nation and support of the struggle for the liberation and socialist reunification of Mexico; c Support for the independence of Puerto Rico; d Consultation and discussion between the Indigenous Peoples' and the oppressed nations within the US colonial empire toward develop ing treaties which support and guarentee self-determination and independence for all oppressed nations in the US.

Development of a democratic, socialist confederation of all liberated naI tions in the US. Support of all freedom-loving and justice minded people for the above. Address to the U. Human Rights Commission on U.