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He ministers powerfully in impartation, having received a powerful impartation himself which was instrumental in accomplishing his ministry. Leif is one of these.

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His ministry is an unveiling of the wonder working power of unconditional love. I cannot think of anyone who can stir the depths of your hunger far more than Leif. It is my honor to call him my friend and my pleasure to recommend his ministry!

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First, Leif and Jennifer are our children in the faith. Second, my precious wife, Friede, is a product of his spiritual influence.

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Third, I have witnessed first hand his awesome anointing in ministering to the nations. Fourth, he has proved himself as a man of the Spirit with passion for the lost, least and last and integrity with his fellow man. Fifth, he is resilient in His walk with God that has taken him through loss and turbulence. Typically Global Mission pioneers work within their culture and language group. Unlike typical missionaries they already know the culture, and are thus more easily accepted by the community.

Global Mission sponsors laypeople, called pioneers, who volunteer at least a year to establish a congregation in an unentered area within their own culture.

Global Mission

They have the advantage of knowing the culture, speaking the language, blending with the local people—and being far less expensive than foreign cross-cultural missionaries. More than 2, Global Mission pioneers are now working around the world.

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Since pioneers have established more than 11, new Seventh-day Adventist congregations around the world. Global Mission pioneers share the gospel through a holistic ministry including: