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Sarah-Jane Murray makes a highly original and profoundly significant contribution to current scholarship by locating Chretien's work at the intersection of two important traditions: Drawing on a broad range of sources, from Plato's Timaeus and Ovid's Metamorphoses to the anymous Ovidian tales translated in the twelfth century and Marie de France's Lais , Murray demonstrates that Chretien and his contemporaries learned the importance of translation from the Mediterranean-centered classical tradition.

She then turns to the Celtic world, examining how Irish monastic scholarship, as demonstrated by the Voyage of St. Brendan and Celtic saints' lives, influenced the cultural identity of medieval Europe and paved the way for an interest in Celtic stories and legends.

From Plato to Lancelot: A Preface to Chretien De Troyes by K. Sarah-Jane Murray (Hardback, 2008)

With penetrating insight and lucid prose, Murray locates Chretien's singular genius in his ability to look to the future and to lay the foundations for a thoroughly new, and French, tradition of vernacular storytelling. She has published widely on Old French and medieval literature in venues such as the Philological Quarterly, Romance Quarterly, Oeuvres et Critique, Explicator, Cahiers de civilisation medievale, and Florilegium. Publication Data Place of Publication. Campbell Biology by Peter V.

From Plato to Lancelot: A Preface to Chrétien de Troyes - K. Sarah-Jane Murray - Google Книги

Poet Heroines in Medieval French Narrative: Reading French literature from the medieval interval, Findley revises our figuring out of medieval literary composition as a mostly masculine job, suggesting as an alternative that writing is obvious in those texts as problematically gendered and infrequently feminizing. Medieval Arabic Praise Poetry: This booklet offers an perception into panegyrics, a style vital to knowing medieval close to japanese Society.

Chrétien de Troyes - Le Roman de Lancelot ou le Chevalier de la charrette

Poets during this multi-ethnic society might handle the vast majority of their verse to rulers, generals, officers, and the city top periods, its tone starting from get together to reprimand or even to probability. Twenty essays on literary and historic texts, from medieval to fashionable Italy, within which authors or characters problem the verified energy of the country on the threat in their livelihood or their very lives. The worst case in point is the affirmation that "At last, the pilgrims understand and embrace the divine truth li veirs divins " Substituting mistakes for perfectly valid translations is not so laudable.

09.10.16, Murray, From Plato to Lancelot

Despite its poetic title "The Wave Cry, the Wind Cry" , chapter 4 is perhaps the least convincing in the book. Following the meanders of what might be perceived as a kind of "reversed" translatio studii , via the return of Irish missionary saints and pilgrims to the Continent, SJM stresses "the influence [Merolilanus'] Celtic compatriots exerted in the development of a pan-European spiritual, intellectual, and cultural identity" While this is undoubtedly true, the slightly disjointed line of narrative in this chapter does not quite manage to demonstrate it.

Maybe it is because, as interesting or convincing as they might be, these first two parts, and especially chapter 4, are mainly necessary to stage the scene for the real focus of the book: Her analyses are clever, precise and often original, not a small feat in presence of texts that have been studied so much. One may just regret the intrusion of comments somewhat out-of-place in an academic work e.

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In chapter 5, SJM takes over the acknowledged link between Martianus Capella's De Nuptiis Mercuri and Philologiae and Erec et Enide , and she succeeds in demonstrating how the structure of the latter is modeled on the other's. Of course, in view of her arguments, it is only logical that SJM justifies or interprets Erec et Enide' s presence in Cligs ' Prologue as a triumph of intertextual translatio.

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  • The only quibble I would have with this chapter has to do with the place given, or not given, to the Celtic homologue of Erec et Enide , Gereint. Chapter 6, the final one, is logically enough the apotheosis of the book. Once again, it essentially consists of re-readings of a text so famous that one has almost forgotten how incredibly clever it is.