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There may well be errors as well as inconsistencies in spelling of names. Once again, the purpose is heraldic, not genealogical. Kings of France are highlighted in red. I have not traced the issue of females, with a few exceptions. Some information on bastard and illegitimate lines is provided because it is of interest from a heraldic point of view, but most illegitimate children have been ignored.


The main emphasis of this genealogy is to highlight titles and coats of arms in the French royal family, with an eye to marks of difference see also the page on titles and apanages. Other information is kept to a minimum.

References are explained at the end. Charles , comte d'Anjou et du Maine Louis of France , duc d'Anjou: Louis I , 1st duc de Bourbon They are not French citizens and have no claims to the throne of France see the relevant documents. They are not French citizens and have no claim to the throne of France.

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The eldest son of the prince de Conti took the title of comte de La Marche. Summary information is provided here. The heraldry of illegitimacy is quite interesting, as marks of illegitimacy have been quite varied and imaginative over time see Woodward's excellent chapter in his Treatise on Heraldry. Kings and princes are known to have had illegitimate offspring since the 11th century, and they even started legitimating their natural children in the 15th c.

The first known example is Marguerite, daughter of Charles VI, legitimated ; the issuing line of Belleville became extinct in Argent on a fess azure three fleurs-de-lys or PA , whose posterity included Jeanne de La Motte-Valois involved in the Necklace Affair in the late 18th c. Louis XIV had 13 known illegitimate children. Louis XV had many mistresses, and at least 15 illegitimate children are known. Only one was legitimated: His arms, granted in , were: France differenced by an orle and a riband in bend sinister gules.

Two daughters came of it; when the duc was assassinated in February in Paris, he asked on his deathbed to see his former mistress and his children and entrusted them to the royal family, which treated them well. The elder, Charlotte-Marie-Augustine , was made comtesse d'Issoudun and married to the prince de Faucigny-Lucinge.

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Azure a tower inclined argent, on a chief ingrailed or three fleurs-de-lys azure. The ingrailed chief recalls the traditional ingrailed border of Berry although the duke's arms were different , and the charges both recall the arms of the cities. Note that Issoudun and Vierzon are both cities in the province of Berry. By the comtesse d'Argentan: There are numerous bastard sons in the Bourbon family.

Some names of note are: France a bend sinister raguly gules , his crest was a fish roasting over flames! Argent on a bend azure a semy-de-lys or and a fillet in bend gules.

vers 1240 - vers 1311

Argent on a bend sinister azure a semy-de-lys or and a fillet in bend sinister gules, all within a bordure ingrailed of the last Suzanne obtained permission to bear the same arms from the duc de Bourbon. Another natural child of Louis was Jeanne, legitimated , whose arms granted in were: Quarterly argent on a bend sinister azure a bendlet sinister gules between six fleurs-de-lys or, and chequy or and sable.

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From him also came the line of Bourbon-Malause bore Argent on a bend azure a semy-de-lys or and a riband in bend gules. The line of Bourbon-Busset bears France a baton couped in bend gules, on a chief argent a cross potent between four crosslets or. Originally the Bourbon-Busset arms were Argent on a pale azure a semy-de-lys or and a bend gules, on a chief Jerusalem. An illegitimate line from Longueville is Rothelin, which bore in the 18th c.

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An 18th century source is Dubuisson's Armorial. Also, Olivier, Hermal and de Roton, Armorial du Bibliophile OHR is a good source on actual practice, since it records arms as they appear on book-bindings. A snapshot of the French court in the early years of the 15th century is provided by Bozzolo: Lors d'une visite qu'il;fit au pape en Avignon, Arnaud alerta le pape sur la condirtion dans laquelle se trouvait l'ordre des Spirituels Dante.

Arnaud fut mis en prison par le pape. Il dut abjurer ses erreurs devant un consistoire secret. Le pape lui donna cet avis amical: Les quatre principales avaient pour objet: C'est aux Arabes que nous sommes redevables, vers l'an de l'invention de l'alambic et de la distillation. Parmi ses ouvrages, citons:. Claude Nourry, in-4to, 92 feuilles.

A droite, on peut lire: Dans " De Ornatu Mulierum " et " De decoratione ", on trouve des prescriptions pour blanchir les dents, renforcer les gencives et les colorer.