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Don't miss out on these great deals. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Day of the Soldado. Along with the Gods: Jun 30, Anton rated it liked it Shelves: The plot is lackluster and the ending preposterous, but McLean always crafts a fun ride that's hard to put down once you've started.

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Mar 11, Shayde Fischer rated it really liked it. Very Quick thriller to read with some twists. Novel Read this none for the first time Plenty of action and a twist or two along the line Gypsy criminals and a buff to fight What more could you want Good Maclean novel read in 70s. The book first came to print in and presumably, this story is also set around that time, during the Cold War era. The story is set at the south eastern province of Provence, in France. It begins with the murder of a gypsy and it was committed by his fellow gypsies. Nobody knows, but it was clear that the gypsies had something to secret which they didn't want to be divulged and presumably, Unlike most Alistair MacLean novels, Caravan to Vaccares is not a novel based on the World War II.

Nobody knows, but it was clear that the gypsies had something to secret which they didn't want to be divulged and presumably, the deceased has come close to the secret. Then there is also the Le Grand Duc, at Provence, who supposedly is a gypsy folklorist. Bowman gets curious about what these gypsies are trying to hide. He starts following the gypsy caravans, but little does he realise that he is inviting trouble for himself by doing so and that too, not only for himself, but also for Cecile.

Alistair MacLean hardly reveals the identity of his characters and Caravan to Vaccares is no exception to that. Nobody has any idea on who Le Grand Duc or what he is up to and the case is no different when it comes to Bowman. It is not easy to describe any kind of a fight in words and even if one manages to do so, it might not be effective as the reader might find it difficult to imagine the scenes or comprehend what is happening.

Kampf um Norwegen - Feldzug 1940

So, the author has to be appreciated for describing each duel so extensively, and personally, I had no problem in imagining the fight. That is something which I really liked about the book. A reasonable pace was maintained throughout the novel, which is an important feature of a thriller novel, I believe.

Some readers may not accept the way in which the author portrayed the gypsies and their culture. I was also not satisfied with the character descriptions as there was a high degree of imbalance. Any kind of digression ruins a thriller novel and the major deviation in this book is the romantic sub-plot featuring Bowman and Cecile. The plot was average and there was nothing great about it. In most cases, the protagonist either gets extremely lucky or the antagonists were being very stupid.

It did maintain a reasonable level of pace though, which made it readable.

Caravan to Vaccares Blu-ray

This supple, muscular, hilarious and heart-stopping thriller is my favorite Alistair Maclean. And what a riot I had re-reading it after, I think, twenty years. But Alistair Maclean was always a bridge for me - the guilty pleasure, which still enabled pencil markings under consummate writing.

Fury Road would be, however incredible all road thrillers might be. First and foremost the atmospherics of the book. The plot follows them as they travel deep into the region - and all kinds of utterly fascinating encounters take place. Violence is embedded in the story but it is the characterisation of the protagonists and the conversations, which take it to another level. The set pieces - the chase into the craggy heights of the Alpilles; the fight inside a caravan as it ends being clinically wrecked into smithereens; the absolutely heart-thudding encounter in the callajon, the bull ring, with an Andalusian monster from Spain, whose horns have been sharpened to make it a killing machine, where our hero has to become a razateur to survive.

Oh the riches abound. Alistair Maclean 's books always resonate with one dialogue in this book, when Duc is about to walk into a situation he has nothing to do with, in front of his perplexed girl-friend - "But you can't just barge in -" "Nonsense. I am the Duc de Croytor. Besides, I never barge. I always make an entrance. Sep 18, Ronald rated it it was ok. When I was growing up there were a number of books by Desmond Bagley and Alistair McLean on my parent's bookshelf and these formed some of the earliest adult fiction that I read. I thought it would be interesting to revisit these authors, who I haven't read for more than 30 years, to see how the books held up.

Caravan to Vaccares ()

Caravan to Vacarres is not one I have read before and is certainly not one of McLean's better-known novels. I selected it in a second hand shop for the wonderful s style cover. The b When I was growing up there were a number of books by Desmond Bagley and Alistair McLean on my parent's bookshelf and these formed some of the earliest adult fiction that I read. The book has an terribly contrived plot, nothing really hangs together and the characterisation is pretty awful, but it was so wonderfully redolent of the s.

The strength is in the action sequences which are very, very well done - not quite as ssuepensful as the depth charge scene in Das Boot, but actually quite compelling. Overall, it was reasonably good fun, no major surprises but because of the excellent action sequences, better than I had expected.

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Feb 07, Tony Nielsen rated it liked it. I read a lot of McLean's classic novels many years ago but have decided to catch up on those I haven't read yet. This title is OK and as you would expect its well writen, has a solid plot and builds the tension nicely. That said in it does feel a little dated in style, compared to say someone like Alan Furst, who writes period, as in pre second world war two that have a timeless feel about them, even though they're written by a contemporary writer.

It feels a little out of line to be " I read a lot of McLean's classic novels many years ago but have decided to catch up on those I haven't read yet. It feels a little out of line to be "criticising" somoeone as memorable as Alistair Mclean but hey, that's my perogative. Actually if I'd written a review of Caravan to Vaccares back in I am sure I would've been effusive rather than conditional in my approach.

Dec 20, Chris rated it liked it. Although typically action-packed as most MacLean novels are, I did not care for this one so much. Too many things have been going wrong in too many Formula One races. Johnny Harlow, world champion driver and apparent cause of the latest accident, decides the time has come to sort things A disturbed young woman is kept prisoner in a castle by her aunt for her money.

The game-keeper, her guardian, tries to rape her but she escapes. In her flight she meets a man also running In a vein similar to James Bond movies, British Agent Philip Calvert is on a mission to determine the whereabouts of a ship that disappeared near the coast of Scotland. An adventurer Hamilton decides to go in search of the lost city in the Amazon jungle. A motley crew of other people with reasons of their own decide to join him for the wealth of the lost John Deakin is being transported, as a prisoner, on a train with supplies and medicine to Fort Humboldt, Nevada.

A ski instructor tries to teach a bunch of insanely eccentric people how to ski while dealing with everyone wanting his attention. This very 70's film is like a trip without the acid. Together, they raise Monica, from his first marriage with Silvia, who committed suicide long ago. But they soon realize that the job is not a cushy number, and have to deal with a gang of kidnappers who will stop at nothing to get their hands on the scientist.

Caravan to Vaccares

It's a shame that such a lame plot should be hung on such picturesque locations, with some documentary style reportage shoved in for extra length. A shorter film may have held the tension a little more, and a more charismatic lead may not have mangled his lines so much. The female lead also, was not allowed to do enough resulting in a pretty but boring affair.

It builds towards the end but the lead actor's own redemption is too little too late and should have been revealed earlier in the film. Not awful, just a pity.