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If they succeed, it won't just be the end of Kaylee, but the entire dragon-kin Convocation. But She thought the Slayers were her biggest threat, but an even greater evil awaits But even while the Slayers' threat grows, the new arrival of a dangerous stranger from Kaylee's past and the emergence of deadly secrets close to home threaten to tear her friends and family apart. Soon this will be a war on two fronts.

And it might not be one she can win. Paperback , pages. Heir of Dragons 2.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Dragon's Curse , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jan 31, Rosemary rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: When her older brother Reese returns home apparently on a 'gap-semester' from college, Kaylee's keen to keep her secret as she thinks he's 'mundane' like her parents and younger brother Jeremy. Subsequent events prove otherwise and the whole Convocation is soon facing a worse threat than ever before!

What is the Book of Kells and why do the Slayers want it so badly? Who is Lesuvius and what will he do with the help of the Slayers and the Book? How does Kaylee find out Dina's secret and how will she react? What does Edwin do to Kaylee after saving her from Lesuvius? This book is an absolute must for fans of Harry Potter and Night at the Museum films and those who enjoy Dungeons and Dragons-type adventures.

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Have I found a new favorite fantasy writer in the last twenty years? Or it took sooooo long to get into the tale.

Here, we have a wonderful cluster of close friends who are learning about themselves and the troublesome world they live in without getting too preachy. There is a ton of conflict here and taking of sides. But that division is always slightly blurred and moving… just like real life! I had to stop frequently to catch my breath. I have never seen a writer cram so much action in so few pages without making it feel rushed. How do you do it?? Try to do that crammed between all that action. To my surprise, none that I can recall.

Grammatical and spelling errors: Someone had an editor… This series has impressed me far more than I had originally anticipated. I am looking forward to reading the next in the series when it comes out as well as other books by Sean Fletcher. This writer has some very interesting and original thoughts in that cranium… I received this book for free from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily reviewed this book.

This is my honest, no-punches pulled review.

The Wizard Heir The Heir Chronicles #2 p3

This is Sean Fletcher's second book in the series Heir of Dragons and I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, much more than book 1 in fact. The characters are really growing up and growing into their own powers. That does not mean that they do not still recklessly get into the hub of the troubles besetting them, of course they still do that!

The slayers are out in full force to kill the dragon-kin particularly the storm dragon-kin which is Kaylee, however she is now being trained b This is Sean Fletcher's second book in the series Heir of Dragons and I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, much more than book 1 in fact. The slayers are out in full force to kill the dragon-kin particularly the storm dragon-kin which is Kaylee, however she is now being trained by her uncle Randy and he is one hell of a bad guy, an electric dragon-kin in his own right!

Everyone is after the Book of Kell and by everyone I mean the slayers led by Lesuvius, the rogue demon-kin led by Zaria, the convocation led by Alastair and the group of friends of course, Kaylee the storm dragon-kin, Edwin the Merlin, Jade the Tamer and Maddox the protector and now they are joined by Dani the water dragon-kin. All of them had to face the curses that plagued them before they could accept who and what they really were and grab hold of their whole potential. A great read, full of excitement, excellent fight scenes, magic galore, good guys and baddies and even a bit of love blooming on the side!

So what else could one ask for in a book?

The Heir Chronicles

A must read for all fantasy lovers. May 01, Linda rated it it was amazing. We find Kaylee, Jade, Edwin and Maddox still going to school and training. A year has past and it the holiday season again. Alastair feels that Kaylee has gone as far as she can under Baba's training. A call has went out for a new trainer and is answered by none other than Kaylee's uncle Randell. At the same time Kaylee's brother shows up at home.

The tension between Randy and Reese can be cut with a knife. At the same time the slayers are back and looking to steal "The Book of Kells".

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This book is in the possession of the National Historic Society. Inside this book is a spell called the Herald of the Hunt. If the slayers have their way it will wipe out all the Dragon-Kin. Sean Fletcher has a way of telling his stories that will have you hanging on to his every word. I couldn't put it down and read it straight thru. I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I devoured this second installment about dragon kin and give the story 4.

The secrets in this tale felt manufactured in many ways, and I easily sniffed out every plot turn before it happened. I think Fletcher could be one of my new favorite authors in this YA fantasy genre even though urban fanta I devoured this second installment about dragon kin and give the story 4. I definitely recommend this for readers of Percy Jackson, Divergent and the like. I feel that teens and young adults would really like this book.

The different characters and their abilities were brought to life. It shows what teens do and that they don't always listen to what they are told and if they want to be good at something they have to practice and practice at it. So much action going on you wanted to keep reading to see what was going to happen.

We have new characters and sibling love that's strained. What action will happen in the next book? Will Kaylee Great read. Will Kaylee ever control her abilities?

Dragon's Curse (Heir of Dragons #2) by Sean Fletcher

What will Jade decided to do after school? I received an arc copy for my honest review. May 18, Kaye rated it it was amazing. Man, the deeper I get, the deeper I want to go. An engrossing tale full of action, suspense, nailbiting, nerve racking, adrenaline pumping with all the twists and turns to hold your attention throughout until the last word.

The characters were intriguing and complex and exciting with danger nipping at their heels. The scenes were so graphically detailed and descriptive that they really brought this read to life before my eyes. You have all the pulse racing, heart pounding moments to keep you on the edge of your seat. Great job Sean and thanks for sharing this little guy with us. May 25, Tera Comer rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the second book in the Heir of Dragons series and it picks up pretty much where book one left off.

I honestly believe that I have found a new author to keep reading. This series has it all, and this book just took it to the next level. Jack's aunt Linda an enchanter doesn't want him to be in the Games at all and tries to protect him. Jack, while all of this is going on, is distracted by Ellen, a girl he is attracted to. Born a Wizard, received a Warrior stone transplant. He fought in the Tournament at Raven's Ghyll against Ellen but they decided to rebel after falling in love.

His sword is Shadowslayer, one of the 7 legendary swords presumed to have been myths from a different time. Warrior, she fought in Tournament in the Raven's Ghyll; Jack Swift's equal partner on the battlefield and off.

Dragon's Curse

Enchanter, guardian and aunt of Jack Swift. Collects Seph from his nightmare boarding school and brings him to Trinity. The close friend of Jack who witnesses the night when Jack found Shadowslayer.

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A very powerful Wizard who doesn't know how to control his powers due to being an orphan. He is in seek of a Wizard to train him, however his lawyers, trying to keep out of the trouble, send him to a boarding school where the nightmares are worse than anything he had ever experienced before. Originally from the South where she was incorrectly called a witch for having strange things happening around her.

A powerful wizard on the council of Wizards who is fighting for Wizards to have less power over the other magical communities. Critical reception for The Heir Chronicles has been mostly positive, [9] [10] and books in the series have received praise from the Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books and School Librarian. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 7 September The Warrior Heir review ".