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TREATISE FOR THE SEEKERS OF GUIDANCE by Imam Harith al-Muhasibi | Kirkus Reviews

The Book of Character: Camille Adams Helminski ed. Islamic Ethics of Life: However, the flip side of the proverbial sword reflects a conundrum.

To be saved and make it to paradise in the afterworld, one must maintain a real and present fear of God and endure trials and tribulations while on earth. Shakir is to be lauded for his commentary, bold at times. He criticizes some contemporary Muslims for hypocrisy, as well as slandering, vilifying and despising their brethren, and cites an inability of Muslims to give sincere advice to other Muslims as a cause of ongoing troubles. There was a problem adding your email address.

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Al - Muhasibi presents most of the major ideas that would both serve as the basis for a full program of spiritual development and comprise an insightful overview of a system of Islamic moral psychology. He examines in great depth and penetrating insight the psychological motivations and justifications for moral thought and action and correspondingly the associated bases of immorality.

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In so doing, he has provided a road map that any person can follow to overcome the guiles of his fundamental enemies: