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How Mutual Funds turned me into a millionaire in 5 years

He focuses on company fundamentals in a comprehensive bottom-up research. He prefers not to be tied down to the bench mark index. He insists that investing approach needs to be fluid as what worked for the past 10 years cannot work for the next decade. Power shift is happening from producer-driven economies to consumer-driven economies while good promoter driven companies are transitioning into professional-driven companies.

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Navigating the current market We will continue to pick companies with strong managements in great businesses. We prefer to buy companies with consistency in earnings and hold stocks for a longer term. While investing we try to avoid companies that have excessive business uncertainty. Investing themes for the next years We are focusing on solution-oriented companies which have the requisite experience to launch the right product at the right time.

We feel cheaper energy costs—solar power—travel and tourism because of government initiatives like Incredible India, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, etc. Krishnakumar, Sundaram Mutual Fund Age: Krishnakumar firmly believes that style integrity is critical for a fund manager. He points out that while companies with significant balance sheet issues have been clearly left behind, businesses with sustainable models and clean balance sheets with visible growth drivers have continued to appreciate in value.

To this effect, Krishnakumar has chosen to stay away from capital guzzling businesses while those with efficient capital allocation practices feature prominently in his funds. Also, while he is comfortable straying from the underlying benchmark index to pick stocks with better earnings profile, he has kept the exposure in his top bets moderate to contain the downside risk inherent to the mid-cap space. Navigating the current market One should not get carried away by outperformance of certain poor quality businesses, even though there could be performance pressure, as it could prove detrimental when the tide turns.

Disciplined investing is bound to provide adequate and good returns. Investing themes for the next years Rising agricultural incomes and improved rural prosperity is a key theme. Growth driver in many consumer products could shift to the rural side. Electric vehicles and surrounding eco system is another disruptive theme. Companies showing an ability to scale up, while maintaining sound capital allocation policies remain the bedrock of his approach. Given the risk-reward scenario, the focus around finding new stocks has shifted somewhat to gauging the downside possibility rather than stressing on the upside potential.

Tibrewal argues that in the event of an earnings disappointment in a quality business, the possibility of a time correction in its share price is much higher than a sharp correction. Tibrewal has also selectively opted for strong franchises which have not seen their share price budge much, and where he reckons an earnings surprise can lead to a sharp rebound.

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He has made a conscious effort at diversifying the fund portfolios to avoid taking a big hit on account of a few bad apples. Minimise mistakes and reducing downside. Stay focused on good companies. Navigating the current market Disciplined investment approach.

Don’t Invest In Mutual Funds, And 11 Other Tips From Billionaires | Observer

Investing in quality, capital-efficient and scalable businesses offering sustainable growth, run by passionate people and available at a reasonable price. Investing themes for the next years Consumer discretionary: GDP to double in the next years. Will boost private sector banks, insurance firms, etc. Producers to benefit from better pricing power. Rs 8, cr PROFILE For a fund manager with valueorientation at the core of his investment philosophy, Mrinal Singh has had to dig deep to manoeuvre his portfolio in this frothy market.

But he has stuck to his guns, waiting for the right opportunities to emerge and has not given into the pressure of deploying the money flowing into his funds. Having started off by building positions in the tech space, where the risk-reward appeared more favourable, Singh later waded into the beaten-down pharma sector where he felt the market had over-reacted to some setbacks. Value investing in a heady market brings with it bouts of underperformance, but Singh can be trusted to adapt without having to dilute his unique style.

Navigating the current market As a value investor, the best way to navigate a market is by investing in companies which offer relatively high margin of safety and keeping away from value traps.

Don’t Invest In Mutual Funds, And 11 Other Counterintuitive Tips From Billionaires

Investing themes for the next years Value investing is one theme we believe can play out for a patient investor over the next five years. When it comes to sectors, we are overweight on information technology IT. Select companies are likely to benefit from the ongoing digital disruption in IT. Read this article in: Read more on ET Wealth Morningstar ranking.

Quant Tax Plan Direct-G. My Saved Articles Sign in Sign up. Find this comment offensive? This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: Foul language Slanderous Inciting hatred against a certain community Others. Some great opportunities will occur every three, four, or five years and then you want to have cash available.

There are not more than five primary colors, yet in combination they produce more hues than can ever been seen. Like all experts, these money masters all have different views of what the near-term future might hold, and they have different opinions on which investment vehicles they favor most. Some are short-term traders; some like to hold long-term. However, they have all won at the investment game. You can too, using these tips and others. Remember that knowledge is not power, execution is. Execution trumps knowledge every day of the week. Just make a little bit of progress each day or each week and before you know it, your path to financial freedom will be realized.

Can A Mutual Fund Be A Bad Investment?

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So having resolved to earn my first million just like my friend, I followed the advice. I transferred Php , from my time deposit account to the mutual fund and committed to invest Php10, a month into the fund I chose. It did mean cutting down on my impulse shopping sprees. After the first 3 months or so, it was already a habit.

Top 10 mutual fund managers who created the most wealth for investors

I no longer missed the money that I used to spend on my whims. I was proud that the money I used to spend on needless things was now invested and I was very excited to see it grow. I continued my monthly contributions throughout the next years and even increased it whenever I would get salary increases. I would also add to my investment a portion of my 13 th and 14 th month bonuses, after of course, rewarding myself with a little gift or something first. Five years forward, I received my latest Statement of Account with Sun Life and happy to share that my investment is already worth P1,