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The Night That Didn't End.

US Green Beret charged with murder of man in Afghanistan

Raw, intense and action packed, Body Cam puts you on the front line of policing where you'll experience firsthand the dangerous, fast moving situations officers face, and the life or death decisions they must make in the blink of an eye. A Crime To Remember. Fashions may change but murder never goes out of style. A Crime To Remember showcases the most compelling crimes of yesteryear, when secrets festered, passions ran wild and cops had nothing but shoe-leather and gut instinct to catch a killer.

People Magazine Investigates uncovers the heart-wrenching true stories behind crimes that transcended headlines and became part of popular culture. Exclusive firsthand interviews reveal shocking twists, new evidence, and unexpected resolutions. Every family has secrets, skeletons in the closet. Blood Relatives is a true-crime series, investigating homespun murder mysteries where everyone is a suspect and every suspect shares a last name. On the Case with Paula Zahn. On The Case with Paula Zahn takes viewers on an exciting, visually compelling journey inside the most fascinating crime and mystery investigations.

"Murder, She Wrote" The Murder Channel (TV Episode ) - Cast - IMDb

Disappeared is a gripping series that focuses on missing person cases. Each hour delves into one story, tracing the time immediately before the individual vanished for critical clues about the disappearance. Nightmare Next Door is a true crime show that peels back the peaceful facade of small town America and exposes the dark secrets hidden behind its white-washed picket fences.

It's this vortex of dark mystery and factual psychological terror that greets the viewer in every hour-long episode. An ID Murder Mystery. When Susan Powell vanishes without a trace, her husband claims to have no idea what happened. But many feel he may have had a hand in her disappearance. As her family searches for answers, the tale takes a tragic turn that no one sees coming. In a gripping six-part mini-series, Investigation Discovery transports viewers on a bittersweet and terrifying journey back in time, revealing the dark side of America's favorite decade.

Anchored by three distinct but connected POV's, this original series explores how a crime forever alters the lives of those involved. We're increasingly living our lives online unaware of the risks that might happen. Looking for friendships, love, sex or work has led many into a twilight world of seduction, danger, and false identity. You never know where the web of lies will lead. Leaving behind Scranton, Pennsylvania, Sharon Ord and her family head for the white sands of Florida to start a new life. When one of them disappears, their dream becomes a nightmare they must live over, and over again.

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  • The Murder Detectives review – real life as gripping and moving as any drama!

A picture-perfect dinner for two dissolves into a nightmare for University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff sophomore and cheerleader Dominique "Nicky" Hurd and a fellow classmate after they become the targets of a deranged predator. Jason Moran re-opens the case of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Unbelievably, 8 of his 33 victims were unidentified. The grieving family of Chicago boy Bill Bundy, missing for 40 years, wonder if he might have been a victim of The Killer Clown? Detective Jackie Nichols continues her hunt for an elusive serial killer responsible for the murder and disappearances of five young people in the Lewis Clark Valley.

This is her last chance for justice and time is running out.

Susan Powell: The Missing Pieces

Between and , five young people went missing or were found murdered in the Lewis Clark Valley. Decades later, Detective Jackie Nichols picks up the trail and begins her hunt for a serial killer who has evaded justice for over forty years. Officers find themselves pitted against a lone gunman holed up in a suburban home; the nerve of a rookie cop is tested when a routine stop on the highway goes horribly wrong.

Night on the Parkway. When a body is found on the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway, this family's piece of paradise becomes a nightmare they relive again and again. He pops a videotape in to record and scarpers out — just as the building super, Mike from Twin Peaks arrives his name in his is Rob McKenzie apparently to steal some cable for his girlfriend Susan for her birthday. Rob flicks through the channels to demonstrate his gift:.

Betrayed - Murder On the Menu - (HQ NEW)

Kitty tells him about bumping into Leo and wishes they could have included him in their plans. Susan summons them all to dinner and the tv is switched off. Later that night, Kitty and Roy hide the evidence of their meeting and wander off into the night. Their co-conspirators leave too — one crosses the road and is immediately run down by Leo in his car.

Down at the jewellery store the next day Jess takes her bracelet in to be fixed. They go to see Barry but he comes bursting out of his office with Darlene, giggling like a schoolboy. Gwen puts a call in to Roy and tells him they need to meet in an hour in the usual place. Roy has a coffee with Leo, pays him back for the last job Leo took the fall for and offers him in on his new scheme now that his tech guy is in the hospital after a hit and run.

Susan tells JB that one of the actors was brought into ICU after a hit and run, and the guy who played the boss came to see him that morning. Rob is contrite that he was bootlegging the cable TV from downstairs blessed were the days before torrenting but confirms someone had tampered with the cable. He thinks the source is 3E, and Jessica has a pretty good idea who will answer the door in 3E. Leah has only just arrived and knows nothing. That night, with Susan in the back of the car, Kitty and Roy head to the jewellery store, each thinking the other killed Gwen.

Down at the Noble jewellery store, Barry and Augie are just packing up for the night when Jessica calls looking for Gwen. He departs with Darlene, Augie and the security guard head their separate ways. Jess suddenly has an idea about that, and about the blood they found on the carpet.

Down at the jewellery store things are taking longer than anticipated. Kitty freaks out and releases Susan. Roy and Axel finally crack the safe open when the lights come on and they hear guns being cocked. Lieutenant Giordano thanks Jessica for noticing the jewellery store logo on the TV feed and arrests them all. Susan rushes in to tell JB that Kitty freed her but they were going to kill her. This is not a flawless operation, it has the twists and turns of drama. I wish my father was here to help? The mistrust, and misunderstanding, goes in both directions.

There is something of the brilliant Serial podcast about The Murder Detectives — in its forensic examination of a real case from start to conclusion, seen from every angle. And in the way it consumes you, as great drama does. I could have done with a bit more of that.

And what about the blond-haired female from the CCTV, described by Bevan as the key witness, but not mentioned again? Did she not cooperate with the documentary? I wanted to know more about that, too, the negotiations and logistics of putting this whole thing together, like one of those how-we-filmed-it bits you get with wildlife documentaries.