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As they reach adolescence, despite the difference of their stations, the two grow closer. B I loved the immediacy of this tale of two friends who bridged the gap of social class and their own fear to find love. But when Race is stomped by a horse, a flash of insight into his true feelings for his friend sends Marcus fleeing to London, confused, afraid, and determined to lose himself in women.

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The story has a nice buildup, as I was afforded points of view from both Marcus and Race, and it was fun to wonder who would brave the feared waters first. For me, there was a haunting note of E. I also want to give the author major points for the concise manner in which the story was delivered.

Although it reads at a fast clip, I was surprised to find it was only eighty-five pages long. All of the traditional Regency style romance elements are present and it reads like a larger novel. So kudos, Jenna Rose Ellis, for making me desire some lessons from you in sharp, well worded, condensed writing. This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews. Jul 09, D.

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I tried, I did. There were details that bothered me, but I really enjoy historical romance, and there are so few queer ones, and a lot of readers seem to like this one. And then an early 19th Century gentleman used the term "sucks".

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As in "That sucked, but she had no cause for complaints during subsequent times. It's an Amer I tried, I did. It's an American colloquialism and I'm pretty sure wasn't in common usage before the 's. Of course a modern popular novelist isn't going to write dialogue exactly the way people then would have spoken, because there are probably three people who would read it, but the past is a different place.

The Lord's Lover (Regency Triad, #1) by Jenna Rose Ellis

People were still people, but they spoke and thought and acted differently, while I'm sure some readers don't care as long as the story is otherwise entertaining, I expect writers of historical fiction to respect the audience enough to do a little research. I just couldn't after that. May 26, Heidi Dover rated it liked it Shelves: Was an okay light read. The anachronisms in action, phrasing, and wording were jarring and did diminish getting fully into the story, as did the kind of glibness to it.

They mens' attitudes, how Marcus just left Race when he was horribly wounded because he didn't like the sight of blood? How sleeping with women was okay but not other men, esp.

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Just didn't give me any confidence or believe they had a super-deep love happening. Jun 13, Suze rated it liked it. I found this OK, enjoying the story of Marcus and Race, as it exposes some of the inequalities and injustices of the time. However, I thought it read as quite contemporary in actions and dialogue at times, I would have enjoyed more of a feel for the historic element.

Jun 13, Lillian Francis marked it as to-read Shelves: Jan 14, Avril rated it it was ok. Not very historical at all.

Hilcia rated it it was ok Nov 15, Kat rated it it was ok Jun 11, Harry rated it it was ok Jun 14, Jessie Lansdel rated it did not like it May 15, Angie rated it really liked it Apr 15, Pati rated it liked it Jun 23, Julie rated it it was ok Oct 16, Stephanie rated it liked it May 05, Hillary rated it liked it May 22, Paula rated it liked it Aug 14, Christine rated it did not like it Sep 30, Andrea Goodell rated it it was amazing May 28, Angela rated it liked it Feb 21, Anita rated it liked it Jun 15, Now or Never is an excellent contemporary read and I'm really looking forward to the next installment!

I agree that it is different from Belle's other work, but you know what?

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She just seems to hit the spot for me no matter the style she tries. Anonymous Users disallowed due to large influx of spam. Friday, December 6, November She is now one year old. November is also a cozy reading month with all the cold, rainy days, and early evenings. This is the time of year when I begin to crave holiday books, science fiction, and romance. This year, November turned out to be a mixed bag. Following is a list with comments.

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