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Breast lumps or lumpiness

I had an anesthetic injection and did not feel anything. The doctor then took five biopsies.

Three of these were in a line across my breast and two deeper from the lump. She injected an anesthetic. I didnt have pain but felt a pressure. I took my mum to all of my appointments. We always made a list of questions to ask and also a list of my symptoms with us. My mum made notes.

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This was a help as i had forgotten everything by the time we got back to the car. You may well have a good result but if you do have a cancer diagnosis stay strong and try to remain positive.

I found a lump in my breast now what? Every Way Woman Talk Show

I had 4 call backs through lumps in breast I found the tests are not half as bad as I thought I found the mamorgram was the most painfull Breast clinics assess and treat all sort of breast problems including lumps. As Chriss says, lumps can occur for a number of reasons so try not to anticipate what might be the matter.

How are breast lumps diagnosed and evaluated?

The assessment involves a breast examination and some sort of imaging which can be a mammogram X-rays or an ultrasound test or both. And a biopsy may be taken as well. You are usually told what the doctors think there and then, but if a biopsy is taken, you may have to wait a week or two for the results to come back.

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It is hard having to wait for to the appointment. If you have been referred urgently it should come through within 2 weeks. For now try and hold your nerve and take things one step at a time. As Glitters says it can help to try and stay busy and it is easy to scare yourself on Google. Sorry glitters but I've just noticed you saying you had fibroadenomas and I've been had biopsies taken yesterday for these? How long did your results take? The specialist said I'd just receive a letter, I'm so scared it'll come back as being something else is this possible?

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I've got a 1 year old baby and it was his birthday yesterday when I had to have these tests and I'm all the family he has so I'm petrified and I wasn't reassured at all at the appointment. I was just ushered away. A fibrodenoma is a solid smooth edged lump of tissue which develops outside the milk ducts.

Breast Lumps

It can sometimes occur with hormonal changes. It is usually benign. The Dr will have taken a biopsy to make sure. I hadnt been able to feel mine.

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  7. It was seen on the ultrasound when i had cysts. The results were clear. I've had a baby one year ago and this was essentially when the pain began for me so maybe it is hormonal change and a fibroadenoma.

    I have found a lump in my breast | Cancer Chat

    I couldn't feel any lump whatsoever also and was so shocked when she said she'd found something because I thought they were just gonna say I was being silly and it was cyclical pain. Should I be worried? Eight out of 10 lumps that women may feel in their breasts are benign not cancerous. A benign lump can be a collection of normal or hyperactive breast gland cells, or it may be a water-filled sac cyst.

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    By getting a doctor to check the lump you'll ease your fears. And if it's something serious, you can start getting treatment right away. One way to make lumps less frightening is to get to know what your breasts normally feel like. There's no better way to find out than by doing your monthly breast self-exam. The upper, outer area—near your armpit—tends to have the most prominent lumps and bumps.