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We performed Red Angels on my first program as AD — the opening night gala. I also thought I could give notice of my intentions to unleash a tide of bold new works. Being so energetic, this looks like a nerve-wracking piece to dance. It is certainly charged with energy. The music heightens the excitement.

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What many may not realize is how technically demanding it is. He wanted pure technique. The material demands technique that is deep within and can be tossed off with speed and authority. Which qualities do those dancers in Red Angels share? Dove mentioned that he was inspired by Balanchine to make Red Angels.

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Where do you see that inspiration in the piece? Speed, line, technique, and even assured presence. Balanchine dancers were a breed apart: Ulysses looked for all of these qualities and pushed us to be our best and most stunning. There are various themes one can identify in all of his choreography: Some works address domestic violence. All he told us was the dancers in Red Angels are of both the air and the earth, torn between the pull of gravity and the absence of it.

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One could take this in many directions, and I would venture to say Ulysses was torn between a darker world and one filled with light. Is there an overarching theme to the program? Definitely a potent cocktail of the two.

What do you want audiences to take away from Red Angels at the end of the night? I guess I would want them to feel the charge in the air around them and let it inspire.

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