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Words And Thoughts On Meditation. An Inherent Gift or a Blessing? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: What can I say And to read it in the form of a developed, neatly written, deliciously slow-burn and thorough story was a real joy. I read 'Demoted' series by Alicia Cameron a while ago, and ev 4,5 stars. I read 'Demoted' series by Alicia Cameron a while ago, and even though I enjoyed it, I grumbled a bit about it. I really think 'Inherent Gifts' is a lot better. The slavery-based universe is a lot more logical and believable. And the characters are a lot more likable.

Jere is such a darling person and Wren is amazing. It's really two-person story, with some secondary characters here and there but not occupying much time - and I loved it. Loved everything about the book, really, enjoyed so much every step in the slow comfort process. Was a little bit annoyed with Wren's passive aggressive behavior in the last part of the book, hence minus half a star, but it was really such a lovely book. Recommended to anyone into slavery not BDSM books. If you can stop after this one, I really think you should. Feb 09, Ayanna rated it really liked it Shelves: Actually, probably more like 3.

The ending bothered me more than I originally thought. Talk about mother of all slow burns. But I actually kind of liked it like that. You really got to know the characters. The concepts that Cameron explores here are rather intriguing, although I'm annoyed that she introduces a new-ish idea of sorts towards the end of the book, but just leaves it at that. I love the way Cameron progresses the story.

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Quite a lo 4. Quite a lot of time passes, but it's quite easy to follow. The blurb isn't so great. It created a rather odd impression of the book, imo. I feel like towards the end, though, Cameron starts focusing more and more on the two MCs and ignoring the peripheral issues a bit. You're left with an HFN that still somehow feels rather incomplete. That's part of what caused me to round it down. Rating's still the same, but perceive it was 3.

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I also thought it was really peculiar that there was no mention or even allusion to the prostate at all. I suppose it's not necessary, per se.

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Regardless, though, it had some moments in which was quite good. I like that it doesn't completely ignore periphery issues and implications of the universe, although I am, as I said, rather put off by the narrow scope of the ending. I'd say it's still quite a good read, though quite long, too.

I think it ultimately is worth buying. Jun 21, agirlwithoutwings rated it liked it Shelves: A very slow healing book in a dystopian world.

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I liked the MCs and their connection too, but I think it could have been better if it was a bit more compact. Also, I had problem figuring out this whole system of society and its relation with gifted people. Aug 17, Line rated it liked it Shelves: The world collapsed after the evolution of mind- and physical gifts. Examples of mind gifts are: Examples of physical gifts are: In some states in the US of A all gifts are appreciated and celebrated and everybody can live their lives. In other states the people with physical gifts are seen as dangerous and they are made slaves.

This after the creepy -and ALL too real- idea that if we restrict some minority and make them beneath others, we can control their behaviour. Jeremy Jere most of the time is from a slave-free state. He is finished with his education as a mind healer, but cannot find a full-time job, which means he's struggling with day-to-day life. Jere is called to his old mentor Matthias' residence in one of the states that still has slaves after the Fall. Here he is informed that he has inherited the house, the practice, the patients And oh yeah, the slave that is half dead on a table in a storage room, after the fire that killed Matthias, didn't kill the slave - Wren.

This scene in and of itself was hard to get through because the view of the residents in Hojer is laid out perfectly from the beginning, and Jere has to sit there and sign shit, before he is allowed to take ownership of Wren, and then helping him. UGH this book, I don't know Okay, the things I liked: Wren is allowed to be 'himself' and they take their freaking time, which was awesome, when you think about what Wren went through. Jere really was patient and giving and loving in regards to Wren. He was given time and patience from Jere, but only Jere. The scene with Arae, Paltrek and Dane at the clinic was just They are not allowed to leave the slave states at all.

I had to mention the last point twice, since this was a freaking LONG book and Jere pissed me off royally! As long as he can live in his little bubble with Wren as his slave they will NEVER be equal in this society he is satisfied.

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Once he makes a point out of saying that he is being neutral for Wren's sake, but seriously Wren is ready to DIE when we meet him, and their 'ignorance' and 'blatant disregard' for Arae and Dane for example made it really hard to keep liking them as MCs. I get that there are 2 more books, but I'm having trouble deciding whether I can actually stomach to read them. There are some truly horrible flashbacks from Wren, where he describes the torture Matthias put him through. It's fine that Jere allows for Wren to be himself, but seriously this is not an equal relationship.

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Jere has ALL the power, and his ignorance puts Wren in danger more than once! It turns out that Wren is not a 'normal' slave, but if you want to read the book I really don't want to spoil anything Also you can sort of guess where things are leading!? And I'm still not sure whether I want to read the next one?! Aug 08, Melissa Mendoza rated it really liked it Shelves: What a complete mindbend This book was definitely different to say the least. This isn't my usual genre, but the blurb sounded interesting so I thought why not Overall this book is really good, just a little different.

In this world people inherit gifts that make them unique and sets them apart form others. Jere is now an unlikely master, and isn't sure what to do with that. Wren is now Jere's slave and has to come to terms with a master who has no clue what he's doing 3. Wren is now Jere's slave and has to come to terms with a master who has no clue what he's doing Overall I liked the book, it's just different. But in this case different isn't bad There are triggers, so be warned. I'm excited to see where this series goes next!! ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed by Melissa from Alpha Book Club Feb 08, Silkeeeeeereads rated it really liked it Shelves: To me, Inherent Gifts is more of an emotionally charged dark read. This world the author built seemed like it was almost like the days before the Civil War in American but with the addition of paranormal gifts that people were born with. The things people did to each other was sad and just wrong. It was an excellent read except for the ending. The ending felt rushed and unsatisfying. Feb 27, Clodia Metelli rated it really liked it Shelves: My review can be found here http: A review by The Blogger Girls.

Those with certain gifts are sent and trained, at age 13, to be slaves. Wren is one of those slaves. Jere is a healer who inherits the Estate of his mentor upon his death, consisting of a medical practice, a large home, and a slave. Jere reluctantly take A review by The Blogger Girls. Jere reluctantly takes possession of the Estate seeing it as a chance to make his life better, although he is not happy about acquiring a slave.

When we meet Wren, he is practically dead from the fire that killed his previous master. Jere heals him physically, but it takes a very long time to get through mentally. Carrying the Alpha's Heir. Kit's Return Lost Shifters On Wings of Thunder. Rescuing His Omega Husband. A Mating of Convenience. Out of the Darkness.

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