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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Hating Whitey by David Horowitz. And Other Progressive Causes 3. The anti-white racism of the Left remains one of the few taboo subjects in America. A new brand of self-styled progressives threatens the very institutions that guarantee racial inclusion. Racial warlords and academic malcontents indict American democracy for racial oppression even as they themselves excuse intolerance to the point of murder. David Horowitz, whose ad campa The anti-white racism of the Left remains one of the few taboo subjects in America. David Horowitz, whose ad campaign against reparations has provoked censorious rage on campuses across the country, delivers a powerful blow to contemporary race thinking.

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Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes by David Horowitz

Lists with This Book. Overall Hating Whitey is a mixed bag. There is good and bad in this. Horowitz does do a good job of pointing out racial hypocrisy and double standards on the left, especially on university campuses. Horowitz is a former leftist turned neo-con. He worked with the Black Panther Party and does a lot to expose their thuggish side, which I knew existed, but some of Horowitzs claims are a bit hard to swallow for me.

He makes a claim that a friend of his who was also working with them was murdered by t Overall Hating Whitey is a mixed bag. He makes a claim that a friend of his who was also working with them was murdered by the Black Panthers. Personally I don't buy it. For one why would they kill somebody who was trying to help them over what basicly amounted to a minor personality conflict? Also why would they kill a person for such petty reasons when for one they were under a microscope from the feds to begin with and it would bring even more heat on them from law enforcement if this person turned up dead or missing?

Elaine Brown, who Horowitz seems to point at as being responsible for ordering the murder, is still around so if there is any evidence pointing in this direction why hasn't she, or anybody else, been arrested? The story just doesn't add up, especially when you consider Horowitz is a Jewish neo-con, who as a group have proven themselves to be about the biggest liars and psychopaths on the planet. I expected Hating Whitey to be like a version of The Redneck Manifesto by Jim Goad except for eggheads, right wing conservatives and other humorless types.

I also thought there might be at least SOME stuff in here defending the white working and middle class. But really its all about critiquing lefties more than anything else and nothing that truly defends white people. This book is really all about attacking the left and the anti-white hatred that the left often expresses is just used as a springboard for Horowitzs platform. Feb 05, Andy rated it it was ok.

A collection of essays, and as such, a bit uneven. Comes out swinging with the title piece, continues to hit hard with the next essay, an expose of the Black Panthers, but then bogs down into obligatory Clinton-bashing endemic of the era. Jul 09, Matthew Dambro rated it it was amazing.

A series of masterful essays written in the late 90s by one of the most astute conservative writers of the age. The volume needs to be read slowly and carefully. Horowitz packs more thought into a paragraph than many writers do in a volume. He quite simply dismantles the entire Left. Dec 25, Ryan Young rated it liked it. This is an extremely hard book for me to rate or review. It was hard to read. It was hard to read in the areas where I agreed and where I disagreed. First, I don't think Horowitz is a racist. Despising some of the militant tactics of individual partisans of 'social justice' does not automatically make you a racist, any more than having a black person on your nightly news cast absolves you of racism.

The book was written in , but even then I think the total conflation with "the left" with comm This is an extremely hard book for me to rate or review. The book was written in , but even then I think the total conflation with "the left" with communism was overdone.

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I might be naive but I just don't think our universities are overrun with stalinists, even if there were a few in the s and 60s. That being said, Horowitz main point is that there is an atmosphere on the left that crushes dissenting viewpoints. I have noticed this myself. Sam Harris is clearly liberal, but is not a Muslim apologist, and is therefore a bigot. The Capital L Liberal camp has claimed all moral high ground and only lets you stand on it if you toe the exact party line. I consider myself liberal but I can't consider myself LIberal for this reason.

I don't like dishonesty in politics. I don't like cronyism that results in special favors for the richest and most powerful businessmen in the US. I don't like hate. I don't like fervent nationalism that doesn't allow for other countries to have any humanity or resources. I don't mind abortion or capital punishment. I want to hear the unpopular views. I like Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky. But since I am far from informed enough nor wise enough to know what is right, I'll have to keep an open mind to all views.

For that, we need these views to be expressed. And for that, we have to be tolerant of people who think differently from us. Even god forbid David Horowitz. Aug 13, Michael rated it liked it. An interesting read while the drama over the Google manifesto played out. Horowitz makes some good points, but at times takes them too far, revealing heavy bias. I do believe the book raises important questions about encouraging intellectual discussion even with those who disagree, left and right.

Dec 18, Frederick Glaysher rated it it was amazing. And Other Progressive Causes. June 16, [return][return]One brings to a book everything one is and has been through. In the end, they too accepted the inevitability of flight for their lives. The child of an interracial marriage, Hayden loathed the divisiveness of racial politics and lacerated radical blacks on more than one occasion. Ultimately, his vision of human oneness melded with that of Martin Luther King and similar figures, challenging us all to a deeply demanding spiritual ethic, a universal standard holding all accountable, before which all must struggle and strive.

This failure is also evident in his Destructive Generation, which is, nevertheless, another of his brave and brilliant books. Perhaps someday Horowitz will plumb further into the depths of radical causes. Fortunately, he is not alone.

Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes

Sep 23, Armand rated it it was amazing. As a visitor reaches the end of the hall at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the site of the old Lorraine Motel, in Memphis, Tennessee, where King was assassinated , however, he turns a corner to a jarring, discordant sight. Two familiar faces stare out from a wall-size monument that seems strangely out of place-the faces of Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad, leaders of the Nation of Islam.

Aside from a portrait of King himself, there are no others of similar dimension in the museum. It is clear that its creators intended to establish these men along with King as spiritual avatars of the civil rights cause. For one old enough to have supported King, such a view seems incomprehensible, even bizarre. At the time of these struggles, Malcolm X was King's greatest antagonist in the black community, leading the resistance to civil rights hope. The black Muslim publicly scorned King's March on Washington as "ridiculous" and predicted the failure of the civil rights movement King led because the white man would never willingly give blacks such rights.

He rejected King's call for non-violence and his goal of an integrated society, and in so doing earned the disapproval of the American majority that King had wooed and was about to win. Malcolm X even denied King's racial authenticity, redefining the term "Negro" which King and his movement used to describe themselves, to mean "Uncle Tom. To clarify his opposition to Malcolm X's separatist vision, King refused to appear on any platform with him, effectively banning Malcolm from the community of respect. It was only in the last year of Malcolm's life, when the civil rights cause was all but won, and when Malcolm had left the Nation of Islam and rejected its racism, that King finally relented and agreed to appear in the now famous photograph of the two that became iconic after their deaths.

Yet this very reconciliation - more a concession on Malcolm's part than King's - could argue for the appropriateness of Malcolm's place in a "civil rights" museum. Malcolm certainly earned an important place in any historical tribute to the struggle of the descendants of Africans to secure dignity, equality and respect in a society that had brought them to its shores as slaves.

Malcolm's understanding of the psychology of oppression, his courage in asserting the self-confidence and pride of black Americans might even make him worthy of inclusion in the temple of a man who was never a racist and whose movement he scorned. But what of Elijah Muhammad? Product details File Size: September 1, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Planned Collapse of Americanism: Exposing the longer and deeper agenda behind the war on President Trump and Americanism. Revival of the West: Securing a Future for European People. The fate of modern civilization rests solely on the shoulders of men and women willing to defend it.

Has Western man exhausted himself?

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The progressives love to 'divide and conquer'. Like Hitler, the progressives use people to further their ultimate goal, to enslave the world under one ruling elite. Victimhood, colour, ethnic minority, anything that will insight division is a useful tool. The belief that you are doing good can distort reality.

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Horowitz talks about a Betty Friedan Friedman a Jewess who believed that the war against Hitler was wrong because Stalin told her so highlights the problem, as propaganda can distort reality to a point where a lie is accepted as the truth and those that do not believe must be eliminated. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book is an uncomfortable read as truth often is. From Marxist beginnings to a conservative realisation that socialism can only be forced on a society by zealots who will not hesitate to kill or undermine their opponents.

The incredible damage done to US security by the Clinton corruption is well documented with the financial assistance of China. Horowitz brought up some very interesting viewpoints from a more conservative view. It was very refreshing to read about ideas from someone in the know who voiced my thoughts in many ways.

A good read that makes one think. Horowitz is right that too many media outlets just ignore the truly frightening backstories of the causes, issues and people they blindly support. Right leaning outlets do the same, though those aren't discussed here. As a reporter who once supported radical left wing causes, Horowitz details graphically how he came to his senses, abandoned those causes and eventually reported about their grievous flaws. This is an excellent book detailing events and people in history who have done our country incredible injustices with their loony ideology.

Took serious guts to write this. David Horowitz has spent the last twenty years examining his previous allegiance to socialist and leftist causes. As he grew to manhood, he believed the Official Party Line: He did not change in one day, one year, or even in one decade. It took the death of a good friend to open his eyes to the inner nature of leftist thought.

This cost, as Horowitz came to learn, involved Orwellian doublethink that demanded that he have selective memory of crucial events. Beginning in the mid 70's, he began to question the wisdom of his communist peers. It came as a surprise to him that they had no qualms about first ignoring him, then ostracizing him, then finally actively opposing him, labelling him as a traitor, renegade, and turncoat. In this book, he examines how race is a weapon that his socialist ex-brethern use not to advance the cause of racial freedom but to increase the power of Big Government.

He shows a strong animus toward Bill Clinton, whom he describes as nothing less than a murderous traitor in the classic sense against the United States. It is difficult to read Horowitz without sensing his angst at having spent so much of his life espousing the very cause that he now so ferociously opposes. They have yet to refute cogently any of his points. His erstwhile peers stand condemned as those who would willingly demolish their own country merely to rule it.

Horowitz in fine detail unmasks the left-wing racist agenda and their abetters in the Mainstream media that project their racism on to Americans of European decent. It's a must read in a time of college "safe spaces" and academic intolerance for viewpoints that are not grounded in the far left dogma of to day's college campuses.. I would compare this book favorably to similar titles by Dinesh D'souza and Jared Taylor. Pointing out the hypocrisy and fanaticism of the left, Horowitz demolishes modern society's anti-white bias and what a vile poison it is.

Along the way, Horowitz sprinkles in anecdotes from his own life, notably when he worked alongside the Black Panthers--those parts are slower but mildly interesting as well. One person found this helpful. See all 88 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 6 months ago. Published 7 months ago. Published 9 months ago. Published 10 months ago. Published 1 year ago. We are "racists" and if we aren't personally.

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