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Dec 27, Emma Lee eave rated it it was amazing. This book is inspiring, well written, you can catch the feeling, of the author as she expound on each phase of her life, couldn't hardly put it down, it's a must read for abuse women and teenagers,and the climax of the book was worth the wait, so uplifting for anyone whose have or is being abuse.

Tasha marked it as to-read Jan 04, Jean Hall-Melton marked it as to-read Mar 11, Ciara marked it as to-read May 14, Nakia marked it as to-read Apr 07, Nai Sawyer marked it as to-read Apr 20, Starr marked it as to-read Jan 30, Deanna Kice marked it as to-read Apr 01, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Hi, My name is Ethel Oden.

I am a wife, a mother of two children and grandmother. I live in Georgia and I design home decor and designs that are abstracts. It gives me great pleasure to do such great work because I like to make people's homes even more beautiful with my designs. I read when I can and that's because I am busy. I like helping people in various ways, meeting people and finding out what Hi, My name is Ethel Oden.

Caught In A Web: Changed by Destiny [A self-help memoir for abused women]

I like helping people in various ways, meeting people and finding out what they like to do. I love cooking homemade meals and exotic foods. It gives me joy when people love to eat my cooking. There is that risk of course. If you are prepared to take it, then write…. Hi Judith, Reading about your life story gave me the strength and courage to actually brainstorm and write about my life as an emotionally abused woman.

I have a story to tell and I hope I can put out there for other women like me to read and know that they are not alone. I would love to work with you in editing my story that is if you do that. Please write me and I will be the happiest to just get a response from you. If anything, it has brought memories, which had settled in the silt of the mind, stirring to the surface. Thank you for your comments. I am sorry that writing has stirred up memories and I hope you will be OK. You are an inspiration. I have wanted to write a book on my horrendous abuse that has wrecked my life completely.

I have not known how to start and have not had the time due to surviving.

On Memoirs: Writing About Abuse and Difficult Topics : Women Writers, Women's Books

Could you please contact me as at this moment I am going to start writing because of you. If you contact me through http: Thank you for sharing your story with others. I just finished writing a personal essay and when fear almost kept me from submitting it to a magazine, I reminded myself that I have a right to my feelings and experiences. It was like writing myself into an event that changed my family; giving me a voice when others tried to prevent me from being part of on the day it occurred.

Thank you for writing your story Judith and for being the voice for those women and men who have not been able to express their stories in this way. Thank you for having the courage and persistence to follow your call to write and tell your truth, even when it alienated you from your birth family. I remember when I wrote and published my memoir of finding healing and wholeness on a journey through chronic illness and childhood abuse issues, the healing rippled out — and in — in ways I never could have imagined.

Writing had always been my passion. And now, creating art, creating something of beauty out of such life-altering challenges, sharing it was transformational on many levels. I love the way you took care of yourself when you wrote, too — Stopping, not writing about certain events.

See a Problem?

So many choices to make on the writing journey. May your book — and your being continue to touch many people, including those in the mental health community who can learn from your experience. Hello Alissa firstly my sincere apologies for being so late to reply to your comment. Thank you so much for all you say; I find your words very supportive.

Yes the downside has been the alienation from my birth family but given the time again I would still opt to write my book because that is being true to myself. I found my voice and have benefitted a great deal from telling my story as it has helped me to take stock and see how far I have travelled emotionally.

Thank you for sharing your own experience and now you are creating art and I wish you good luck with that and with your journey. Thank you very much again. Kindest regards from Judith. Writing memoir takes so much courage. Sharing the truth of yourself and your experience for all to read is so generous. That in the process, healing happens is such a gift, to others and to yourself.

A beautiful post, Judith! Judith, I add my thanks as well.

So many women have been touched by abuse. It boggles the mind. The more it is out in the open, the better equipped we will all be to support each other. Thank so much Elaine what you say is true and we need our voices to be heard and to speak our truth; thanks for your comment. You are a very brave and admirable lady. Thank you for sharing your experiences so that others might be helped. Well done for creating such a rich and successful life for yourself now.

All power to your elbow. Thank you so much for your brave words indeed!

Caught in a Web: Changed by Destiny [A self-help memoir for teen girls & abused women]

I am reading this at the precise time that I need it the most. I especially like this:.

I am in the process of writing my own memoirs as well and yes, it involves childhood abuse. Having put down the pen, figuratively speaking, for years, I have now taken it up again and I try to write every day.


This time, the focus of my book is not the abuse itself, but how my dreams helped me cope and heal in the ensuing years, and how the healing from those dreams reached beyond the abuse and is now encompassing my whole life. I can certainly relate to how your mind decided to cope with all the outer trauma with a psychotic response. Mine reacted to remembering the abuse by plunging me into a deep depression, chronic fatigue, severe allergies and other physical symptoms.

However, Judith, my experience totally pales in comparison to what you went through. I wish to express my admiration for you and your willingness to share your experience with others. You have given me the courage to continue with my story. Dear Ramona Thank you so much for your supportive comments. Thank you for sharing your experience.

I am moved to read that I have given you the courage to continue with your story and I wish you all the luck there is.

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It thrills me to know that many of us are finding the words to speak out loudly and clearly about what once was seen as a taboo subject. Thank you, Judith, for sharing your experiences and writing this powerful blog post. Judith, thank you so much for your brave work in writing about this very difficult topic. There is a tremendous amount of fear around what is called mental illness which I refer to as brain chemistry disorders or imbalances.

Yet, we are only human, and our beings are vulnerable to stresses and imbalances that show up in a host of ways from heart attacks, to skin disorders to psychoses.

The Controversy Children are born narcissists and NEVER change!!

Writing is such a powerful force for the writer, as it is for the reader. But you also knew that your ability to articulate this unknown experience that is called psychosis could be invaluable for those in the psychology and psychiatry field, so that motivated you to publish your work. Thank you for your hard work and courage.